We choose friend. We choose marriage partner. We choose new employee in interview.
The life all the encounters with person. Then if we can see through human being exactly extremely in a short time, May the life become better, too? This program is new sense variety to investigate such an "insight of person". Such as detective and top salesman expert as for appearing, entertainment talent scout man, mom of Ginza, popular figure host <geniuses seeing through human being>. We call him, them Medusa and compete for ability. How long is human profile of one won? Only as for the appearance → "Occupation is public employee!" on condition such as question "Dog as for it which keeps pet!" It guesses right, and both can see through person more, or it confronts "the vicinity of Toyoko Line to live!"! What kind of place of person do Medusa look at? Please expect in their ability and knowledge of genius!

■Law (less than 50 characters)

■Including the reason (less than 100 characters)