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Is it true? What happens if we try "how-to book" expressing surprising effect in doubtful title fact? We repulse fat which we thrust this time for the year-end and New Year holidays immediately? Diet book feature! Do you really get thinner?

(1)Possibly? Does even yakiniku & sushi get sterile?
Furthermore…As for all-you-can-eat? The too doubtful weight loss method
(2)Reason that decreased by 50 kg with six meals a day…
You eat, and eat…Miraculous recipe that becomes pure
(3)Become completely; ninja…The surprising preservation eating habits
With a large quantity of beer & wine…Weight loss failure?
(4)We work for love? Shameful dance…We exclaim in downtown
It is emergency extreme weight loss by "nagara dance"?


 Takanori Takeyama (cheat)
 Rika Adachi
 Maki Nishiyama
 Shizuka Nakamura
 Reina Akimoto (TV TOKYO announcer)