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The latest project

The project eleventh Sota Hanamura, Kensho Ono, Kasumi Yamaya X Taichi Suzuki

Subject: Sota Hanamura, Kensho Ono, Kasumi Yamaya
Creator: Taichi Suzuki

Drama plan that program is the first as for the project eleventh! Supervision drama "everybody is Esper"; colossal intellect, Taichi Suzuki who deals with "confession of little wart." Sota Hanamura (Da-iCE), Kensho Ono acted as the W lead and added Kasumi Yamaya of the part of heroine, and new vertical drama about love story of summer was completed. [STORY] Hideki (Sota Hanamura) of graduate student spent casual days with Kyoichi (Kensho Ono) of part-time jobber in close friends. Summer one day, they meet woman, Airi incense (Kasumi Yamaya) nestling in the sea. It was three people who gradually brought distance close, but secret was to Airi incense…….

Program summary

Interlocking movement project ... of ... ground wave television transmission and "LINE LIVE"
Popular depicter produces "new" video work with creator!

By this program, popular depicter such as artist and actor works together with spirited creator and produces video work of unprecedented new form.
Furthermore, completion work is going to be released as archive as "Portrait Film Project" in "LINE LIVE". Because, in production process, will plan live delivery of program interlocking movement by creator and the appearance cast in future, as for this in total in fun!

The program narration: Hiroki Kaji
Hiroki Kaji of voice actor, narrator who it is many animation or TV shows including the part of Eren Yeager of "Attack on Titan" to act as the narration of program, and plays an active part. We send process to produce videos that depicter and creator are new in the clear attractive voice.

Program theme music: ♪ Yellow / dinner hot


Live streaming platform which can easily deliver live video to anyone if there is LINE ID. Person of delivery processes video with LIVE stamp in real time, and audience can support person of delivery in comment heart gift items. Point where person of delivery can bi-directionally communicate with audience gets favorable reception, and person of popular delivery appears a lot. In addition, delivery with formal channel of talent and artist becomes popular, too, and many users led by woman of the young group use.

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★LINE LIVE official site: https://live.line.me/landing
★Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/LINELIVE_JP

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