Room of Mariko

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Room Wednesday, February 24, 2010 DVD release of Mariko: Ultimate relaxation thyme which TV TOKYO announcer, Mariko Oe sends!

"Bath," it is "we do not sleep" "toy" etc…. Mariko plays with "customer" kindly. Ultimate healing program which has both loveliness and amorousness!

Price: Tax-included 3,990 yen ◆DVD original sound specifications: Soundless version of pet records, too

Picture privilege: We invite customer that "Mariko and pork" --------- are new to "room of Mariko"! ◆"100 pieces of photographs of Oe Announcer which we took by "100 pieces of slide show of Mariko" - program and took down!*!* "Delusion romance of Mariko Oe" "highlight" - Oe Announcer develops delusion romance talk against Jtaro Sugisaku!* "Room of Mariko" "ban*shu" select collecting a lot of with the real face of collection of "room of Mariko" unscreened scenes -- Oe Announcer

Enclosure privilege: Changing clothes kit to be able to prepare "room of Mariko" of you original into!

Cast & staff: Appearance ◆Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO announcer) direction, producer ◆Toshio Shimizu (TV TOKYO) contents producer ◆Tomohiro Aida (TV TOKYO) ◆Sales agency: TV TOKYO ◆Release cooperation: Media net ◆Sales agency: Sony Pictures entertainment ◆DVD store privilege: Tower Records-limited "room of Mariko" original postcard

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