Aomori, Oma pole-and-line fishing

Tuna fishery of Oma began in 1948. Memorize that time clearly, and is still active fisherman; "grow of Oma, and witness" is Keiichi Nanashima. Tuna fisherman whom grandchild has the same as son. For sons catching tuna using the latest apparatus including sonar, Keiichi is particular about bait for traditional death.
On the other hand, specialist 〟. of 〝 flying fish which Fumio Kohama fed on flying fish, and has raised its big game of 300 kilos which is 3 years younger than Nanatsujima Under a group of sonar fleets, we aim at capture of huge tuna. And it is adhered to Yoshinobu Kumagai tuna fisherman told that Oma is number one. We chase men challenging tuna to fight by technique that oneself believes.

Hokkaido, Matsumae fly rope fishing

Matsumae tuna fly rope fleet of growing power of Tsugaru Channel that is by no means inferior to Oma, tuna of Toi. Matsumae of this year is 2,500 of them and big catch big catch in five days! We right enshrine tuna! There is energized parent and child ship who worked together with son-in-law in that, *tokugan. Number rises, but size is small this year. We want to lift huge tuna of 100 kilos over as tuna fisherman. *tokugan which opens ship at Tsugaru Channel raging in such thought. And tuna of 100 kg of over makes a hit at last!

Aomori, ryuhidentogyogyo dambu fishing

Speaking of fisherman with adverse circumstances, it is Shunji Kudo among fishermen of ryuhi. We bury pacemaker in chest since anxiety for ischemia-related heart trouble approximately ten years ago and fish. It is said that the reason why we do not quit tuna fishery while Kudo has handicap to body is that we want to continue supporting 18-year-old grandchild financially now. Such an old fisherman fished super huge tuna of ryuhishinkiroku of 300 kilos last year. We had ship of friend put up finally without being able to put electric shokka on ship for pacemaker. We adhere to Kudo who is determined when we want to fish huge tuna by own hand in this year.
Besides, we chase fishermen confronting adverse circumstances including fisherman who challenges huge tuna while cutting fisherman who struggles although the equipment necessary for tuna fishery is not prepared and the right toes.

Chiba, Katsuura fly rope fleet

Production center, Katsuura-shi, Chiba of tuna nearest Tsukiji. Captain, middle no tanigiuyamai and son, *shinko of trawler "*eigan" which gives ship for huge tuna this year. However, fishing of this year had unusual thought. It is collision with Aegis-equipped destroyer happened in this February. Kissei of the Kiyonori-maru who had this accident is relative of middle no valley parent and child. We run after huge tuna in parent and child on chest in sad accident this year!

Yamaguchi, Mishima reel pole-and-line fishing

One northern country reaching marriage 30 years soon, Mr. and Mrs. Hiroko. Big pleasure of such a couple do overseas travel of knot turning point for fund which caught huge tuna. However, it ended in bow ties last year.
It is age that must reject such adverse circumstances this year. We adhere to one's own pace fisherman who is determined when we want to show grandchild whom daughter gave birth to tuna.
Besides, we collect data on great rial Romanticist fisherman who borrows money, and purchased newly-built ship. We chase winter tuna fishery to confront slump, debt, adverse circumstances.

[reporter] Chisato Morishita Kazutomo Miyamoto Seinosuke Nakajima
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