MAG!C ☆PRINCE true pupil SEASON2 | Middle of the night of every Sunday 1:05 broadcast!

Program summary

MAGIC ☆PRINCE (logo) is apprenticed to professional of the entertainment world! Challenge variety to learn operation that idol group "MAGIC ☆ PRINCE" of the Tokai district survives in the entertainment world of Tokyo! We are apprenticed to cut off various "professionals of entertainment"! We learn entertainment skill necessary for the entertainment world and aim at of popularity, getting in the whole country!


  • Shuhei Abe (abesyuhei)
  • Kaoru Nagata (Nagata is full)
  • Kengo Nishioka (we do and do not run)
  • Plains Thailand newly (hiranotaishin)
  • Hikaru Oshiro (do and shine)
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