Discovery of MA-SA ★Smile ground


  • November 3
    November 3

    Survey of sports to produce smile of the earth.
    In Tanzania located in the eastern part of Africa,
    National convention "KOSHIEN" of baseball is performed.
    Japanese "KOSHIEN" is held, and why does it produce smile?
    Japanese existence that there is there.

  • November 10
    November 10

    Survey of sweets causing smile of the earth.
    Indonesia in spite of being producer of cacao bean of the third place of the world
    Cacao import to Japan is very few.
    With a certain Japanese whom we paid attention to there having wrestled…?
    Wisdom and passion of Japan led to smile of Indonesia!

  • November 17
    November 17

    Survey of smile of baby of the earth.
    After introducing Japanese "a certain thing" in Indonesia,
    Infant mortality was largely improved!
    Now by support of Japan,
    Be gained the favor "a certain thing" in 25 countries and areas,
    Smile of baby brought up in good health spreads through the world.

  • November 24
    November 24

    Survey of smile born at school of the earth.
    At secondary school in Africa Tanzania, a large number of students relay,
    - fruit which becomes crazy about throwing-ball games as for this, the name "UNDOKAI."
    Smile that UNDOKAI produced became as well as Japanese thing!