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January 7, 2007 O.A.

The 14th: Chuei Yoshikawa

Man whom that Masaharu Fukuyama sends trust to…. Natsukawa rimimo…And as for Hitomi Yaida….
Musician who supports music activity of top musicians whom they cannot help performing respect of…Japanese outstanding acoustic guitarist, Chuei Yoshikawa.

1971, legendary fork group, splendid achievement first in band Japanese as member of the nu frontiers and United States debut that it is.
We participate in many hit works afterwards. Man who right supported Japanese pop music with guitar.

It is chuei reaching the sixtieth birthday, but offers from musician will flood in for sound to be able to give only to him next year.

And Junko Yamamoto of former high-fidelity set which is guitarist Ishida longevity that we cut Osaka where we gathered by appeal of chuei, Kazuhiko Kato who formed this year sadistic Micah band which is relation between old friend again, acquaintance from the amateur times.

"We were able to meet various friends thanks to guitar so far. We cannot help appreciating guitar."

Why is only chuei popular? What is skill in guitar as expected? What is the source of music?
What is charm of Chuei Yoshikawa?