Broadcast lineup from March 27

Program theme of Monday, March 27

"There is never? Luxurious!
Master costarring SP of dish"

Yoshiyuki Igarashi (Chinese food), Toshiyuki Kudo (French), kokuden** (Japanese dishes), Yuji Tateno (Japanese dishes), *demokukoshi (western dishes) show super luxurious L4 style full-course meal! We introduce the professional skill that we can imitate at home!

Expert: See beautiful tiger Yoshiyuki Igarashi / Tokyo nada mankokuden** / Taimeiken *demokukoshi / La Rochelle Toshiyuki Kudo (VTR appearance) /; Chiba Japanese dishes length field Yuji Tateno (VTR appearance)

Program theme of Tuesday, March 28

"Craftsman of Japan!
From young person to long-established store"

From well-established craftsman shop to young craftsman who polish the skill, and carries the future and child care craftswoman who handles work while doing [feature craftsman of Japan which is valid in tradition and the world of innovation.

Guest: Emiri Nakayama

Program theme of Wednesday, March 29

"L4 memory bus tour"

Bus tour that three people who reported various places go round places of memory by program together! We introduce specialty stores which nostalgic overflowing ramen of the Showa era, fresh seafood can taste at one sweep!

Guest: Kuniyuki Fukazawa / hikomaryo / Megumi Ohigashi

Program theme of Thursday, March 30

"Boom revival & re-attention!
Trendy search by keyword!"

L4YOU! this time when we sent health, meal, holiday making, various genres is re-attention in keyword that became for boom! Almighty seasoning butter Dole! Unexpected how to use vinegar! It is one action grand duke open passing away ◯◯.

Guest: Moe Yamaguchi
Expert: Yin Yang fortune-teller kyohonkyomei

Program theme of Friday, March 31

"Together pleasant <! Mountain climbing that is a graduate of Mount Takao memory"

We add Kusano of MC to four regular, and broadcast of the L4YOU! last inning climbs Mount Takao in five people. We aim at top in five people while sandwiching good old recollections.

Guest: Ken Tanaka / Takaaki Enoki / Gamon Kaai / Maiko Kikuchi

Past program is this

Cooking recipes

Dish image
Tape 1
Tape 2

March 30 update

Spring meat chirashi-sushi

1) We divide combined seasoning B (vinegar, sugar, salt) into several times to rice and we add and do not seem to smash rice
  We mix to cut.
2) Mix combined seasoning A (soy sauce, sweet sake, liquor, sugar, pickpocket lowering ginger); ...

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