A certain sympathy 100 view ... ... which there is which understands feeling so as to have a pain
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Program introduction

Theatrical company one, Naoko Higashi send
Literature X laughter X impression
…New genre of entertainment!


Up-and-coming event "sympathy 100 view" to announce "a certain material which there is" based on a certain theme as "sympathy poetry" again for TV show!
Rule is easy. The participants is decision in sympathy poetry best about 1 theme material one part which got sympathy most from the inside that announces "sympathy poetry" of one part, and was all present!

In program MC, theatrical company is alone. Duty, boyfriend who has face of novelist send literature and laughter, new genre entertainment of impression to MC of event with full of a sense of reality.

Furthermore, we invite Naoko Higashi of poet, novelist to commentary and dig down the world of "sympathy poetry" in the strongest tag more deeply.


◆MC, theatrical company one comment

Theatrical company one

Interesting work was seen in not only familiar member but also one that participated in the war newly only in very strange people much this time. Though it was natural, as for comedian who usually saw on TV being interesting, Nishi was dumbfounded by it when we met for the first time. What "can say that is interesting that writer do not come why." After all how to put on antennas does not change with entertainer at all…Or we see thin kaitokoroozuratto further and think that we will learn properly. There may be considerably discovery that there are such an interesting people in new business. We want you to look from such a viewpoint by all means.




Program summary

Title : A certain sympathy 100 view ... ... which there is which understands feeling so as to have a pain
On airdate : From 0:20 to 1:50 late-night on January 1, 2016 on Friday (holiday)
MC   : Theatrical company one
Commentary   : Naoko Higashi
Guest  : We experience Saya Ichikawa, Akira Kawashima (giraffe), Kendo Kobayashi, hardships, and there is with child, Kiyono,
Takushi Tanaka (Ann girls), DJ miso soup and MC rice, Kanako Nishi, Nomachi mine child,
Keisuke Hada, Takashi Yoshida (Black Mayonnaise), Yasunao Yoshida (triple fire) (the order of the kana syllabary)

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 "A certain sympathy 100 view ... ~ that there is to understand the feeling so as to have a pain"
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