It is Chaplin on the sly
[broadcast was finished]

News from program

"Chaplin powers up on the sly"!
"Gradually Chaplin"
April 2 start!
Every Saturday 11:55 p.m. broadcast
Teruyoshi Uchimura at last in regular MC!
Young entertainers who "gradually" come of future star candidate develop material race of roar of laughter!
We find shining new star and promote even variety plan as well as the material!
It…It is "jiwa chapu" which we powered up.

Chaplin, broadcast are decided "on the sly"!

"On the sly Chaplin" 
2:10 broadcast late-night for from October 3 to every Saturday 


Ability group entertainer and future star entertainers gather!
"All right Chaplin" who was broadcasted in June, and created a big sensation
Taste is just quiet in the middle of the night…
We come home as regular program "on the sly"!

It is Chaplin on the sly


Presenter : Yuji Ayabe (peace), Yu Sawabe (haraichi)
Watch; person : Teruyuki Tsuchida & woman guest
Progress : Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)


It is Chaplin on the sly
It is Chaplin on the sly
It is Chaplin on the sly



We show the hot material, and battle starts!

Comedy theater small as for the stage of program.
Here [qualifier society of "all right Chaplin"]

Young entertainer of expectation appears and develops material race.

Is it the number one in the world to examine? Visitors of severe general viewing judging!
Classman who attained a full victory, the cause of new rule to be provided, the hot material show the appearance right to "Chaplin special program all right", and battle starts!

For entertainer presenter, it is Yuji Ayabe of peace and Yu Sawabe of haraichi secondary to special program.

We watch, and, as person, Teruyuki Tsuchida and popular woman guest appear.
Nonstop comedy live that was full of "handmade feeling" and "passion!" It is the start!

Teruyoshi Uchimura who acted as MC by special program carries out qualifier party as absence for the pressure without permission.

So we throng to Uchimura without permission and go to report to situation otama ... of program?

It is Chaplin on the slyIt is Chaplin on the sly