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ikuzo Japan! Child economy TV6

Can you become adult a little when you understand this?
Study free in summer vacation! Structure SP of money-making of various companies


Growing seasons little speaking of summer vacation children through experience of summer.
As free study of summer vacation when it is like "child economy TV", we learn device of money-making of company this time and are special that it is to adult slightly.

We learn dakedehanai which we merely sell thing and thing and buy through immediate thing which children touch in summer, structure of money-making.


Resona Bank
Bank which we leave money and seem to only draw. On earth how do you gain?
On earth what is performed in the depths of shutter after 3:00?
People of bank clerk who sweats, and comes home. On earth where do you go?
Though we are immediate, we see structure of economy from structure of bank not to know unexpectedly.


Repair shop of JAL becoming spot of extreme popularity.
If when step, and cut this and that of airplane in viewpoint of economy, one step is safe; relations that are close for economic effect.
te "is fast" "early" and investigates many company efforts in the backside of transportation in fact.


Toyo Suisan / Malle Yakisoba
Yakisoba of Malle to be popular in noodles that there is number sold in Japan most.
However, in fact, it was popular among lunch and had trouble that there were few opportunities eaten as dinner at home. We solve trouble of company for super original idea of "child economy TV"!
What kind of menu do Yakisoba, you who want to eat for dinner think about?

Child economy TV X Malle Yakisoba special collaboration menu is this


LINE/ creators market
LINE with many people employing as main communication means now.
We make stamp to use in LINE 7 years old, and two bicycles approach in secret of supermarket kids hanakachanno creation that we made a profit of, too.


FULMA/YouTuber Academy
Sons who are digital native that smartphone and the Internet are natural since we were born.
Net availability reached 65.8% at 9 years old. It is the video seeing and hearing to use above all.
It is said that it is opened, and classroom where such children makes delivery video wins popularity.
Merit of side to tell? And what is purpose of side to learn?

ikuzo Japan! Child economy TV6 ikuzo Japan! Child economy TV6 ikuzo Japan! Child economy TV6


[chairmanship] Atsushi Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go)
[commentary] Toru Ikeya (TV Tokyokeizai commentary committee)
[progress] Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)
[assistant] A o P (animation support project)
[guest] People (four) who work in battle front of company
Children carrying the future of Japan (37 elementary school of old China 4-6 years students)

It is ・・? with child economy TV

With Atsushi Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go) that TV Tokyo of "economy" "animation"
We open up the new world!

We learn the future prospects of Japan with children, and this program is program to think about.
In what "economy" to look difficult at a glance decodes clearly, there should be surprise and discovery to "be such a thing!" by all means!
I work together with Atsushi Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go) this time and send the sixth of "economic program which I want to show child" (adult who, in fact, is weak in economy)!

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