We have last chance to eat special ... on the last day of the year at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 31! Business trip ... in Seto

"Sea bream bowl of Matsuyama-shi, Ehime and yakiniku and ramen of Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima"

At the end of the year of this year, Goro Inogashira (Yutaka Matsushige) spent time on business trip in Seto busily. We finished work in Kagawa of business trip destination yesterday and were going to go to work in next Ehime today on 30th. Letter of "hand-kneaded udon" gets into eyes in the middle and drops in at (Matsushita noodle making place) incidentally and eats up udon 1 ball and croquette.
By bus toward Matsuyama, Ehime, we rode on with Yukiko Nakamura (Momiji Yamamura) and others middle-age women, but are puzzled in the gaiety a little. The shop of bar (fish studio Maruman) where Goro who finished meeting of work in Matsuyama dropped in at incidentally is totally like Uoya. General (Akira Emoto) gives lifeboat to Goro troubled in front of much fish. Goro eats, and flatten, and Matsuyama meal comprises "saba sei*ni" of appetizer and Taimeshi "sea bream bowl" Uwajima-style in the "saute with butter of ear shell" and "dish simmered in kampachino boiling dry" "amagino deep-fried chicken, Ankake" "conger eel clear soup" last for work on the next day.
The last day of the year on the next morning. Goro is ferry for the last work this year; to Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima. We ask for "brisket" "beef loin" "bean sprout" after asking proprietress (KIMURA Midoriko) and regular customer (Duncan) parts of meat in menu when Goro who finished work finds rotisserie (mitchan) written on "yakiniku ramen" and noren nestling alone, and he drops in, and eating "beef sinew" and "daikon" of oden and thoroughly enjoy the grilled end in the last in year. Meanwhile, male regular customer (Shinji Takehara) comes out of seat of lower floor. Trouble that is unexpected for last Goro who orders "egg" of "ramen" and oden to close, and is satisfied, and returns to Tokyo!
In leaving for customer of Narita of last work this year, but hungry Goro dropping in at noodle shop (the multi-Tsu beauty) to eat early Toshikoshi soba, and the small eating "bamboo steamer side" hastily for the middle! The person was there how (Eiko Segawa)! Was Goro able to really greet the New Year safely?


KIMURA Midoriko Momiji Yamamura Shinji Takehara Eiko Segawa Duncan Akira Emoto

Request from Hiroshima rotisserie "mitchan"
It is open in two proprietresses of advanced age. Please refrain from calls of reservation if possible.
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