[broadcast was finished]

Protect blood vessel; in skin beauty! We prevent aging "traditional bean" preventing ▽ dementia and immunise and improve? 5 times "seaweed which prevents metabolic syndrome" of "illusion mushrooms" ▽ antibacterial power approximately 100 times "honey of kiseki" ▽ nutrient seaweed

Do you disappear from supermarket this tomorrow?

Health ingredients which disappear from store in an instant when introduced by TV show. Supermarket is entering now for "the healthy food age of civil strife" to display such a health ingredients all together.
Ingredients which are good for health and are delicious. There should be treasures = "meal fortune" of such a meal still more! By program, meal fortune hunters who flew to the whole country are hunting with unseen "meal fortune". We press the surprising charm. With the ingredients which may disappear from supermarket tomorrow on earth…


[shopper of supermarket]
<the part of progress of program> Muga Tsukaji (doh dragon to rank as), Chiriko Sakashita
[meal fortune Hunter]
Motoko Obayashi, impulse, Taiyo Sugiura, Saori Takizawa do; A, red Yoshida (TIM) ※The order of the kana syllabary