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<performer> Becky Yu Hamaguchi (go) <program summary> A word that you selected marriage as? What is "a word that decided marriage" couples of the world one of the life's greatest events "marriage" these days while there is couple getting married in tendency to decrease? There! The staff is kept watch for in front of family register section of ward office and city hall! We catch newlyweds who just submitted marriage registration and it is completely serious and we interview and right report on "a word that decided marriage" now! In "e, such a thing" from an unexpected word that to thinks to a surprising word! Drama of so many men, so many minds. . . It will be rial love story to want which is already married to enjoy person who says to get married from now on!
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We look at Becky's selection

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  • "kida which it is said, and stomach comes even if tsu kutemosu cannot eat vinegar meal, and you like which we hugged will get married da"
  • Because I was by the side without getting rid for such me, I will try you hard for strong love to be defeated by nobody throughout the life together when I am sad when it is painful.
  • There is only you
  • After all when we were relieved to be together, and stable existence noticed.
  • A word of "we buy house". We felt big readiness. We pay loan together!
  • We decided that we got married if it lasted five years among two people. And we registered our marriage to Daiyasu on the day before of the fifth-year memorial day after we went together!
  • Word wa where I selected marriage as "house come that much if is troubled (for relaxation)." We do in this. The master who just got to know was the only adviser in those days. Speak with the master on the telephone as always once; was in the middle, and if complained, "was said, "get married early if did not work." from father, and get tired of", "house came to the master if was troubled so" (to take a rest), and to was said to be, and appeared, and started cohabitation on birthday of the master, and kept company, and entered I wa parents' house's name on the family register on memorial day in half a year.
  • "atanadesu as for my hobby." We felt that did not be loved.
  • We are not married yet, but he makes my wife. It is to say this. It is that it was said that we follow me or certainly make happy. So we thought when we wanted to certainly marry him.
  • When I gave him handmade present, it was said, "we are looking forward to ten years" later, and I was conscious of marriage!
  • When you want to part from him who went together and talked, "appear from him in your timing because I take anytime. We rushed immediately and, for a word that we followed, wanted to be in the neighbor all the time.
  • It was said that it was, "we can try work hard because I cooked lunch"!
  • Present necklace which he was careful with all the time; "which lasts, and is good. Because it will be much same from now on." When he/she said this
  • It is good and may quarrel in it even if you say selfishness to me who minded slightly even if we go together. When he/she said in same Kana that it was good, tears spilled and thought that there was only this person
  • If have, and child is troubled, and cry; both you and child are good luck senishitaru me! When this was said
  • And "this is not love when we love selfish thing" It is filled with happiness in now when, by the way, remarriage is consecutive when we were conscious of marriage when he/she said this while the master of system is embarrassed solidly
  • Want to meet; when when worked out, got on vehicle of the same train
  • Because I was by the side without getting rid for such me, I will try you hard for strong love to be defeated by nobody throughout the life together when I am sad when it is painful.
  • We did not have the time with messing up his room with clothes and have gone out after having hesitated about selection of clothes on the next day when we stayed at his house. When he/she thanked adversely when we sent email to him saying it was saying "we messed up, and room is too unpleasant to accept" saying "it was good because he/she always cleaned, he/she always cleaned and is thank you", we decided when we would get married with aakono person
  • In fact, we said with a word that decided marriage that we proposed to yesterday, or it was opportunity, but ni terutoko, one's own pace natoko, pacifism natoko, timing to e-mail thought whether it was all well destined that putting on, such a various chance overlapped, and, as for us, thing that hair salon and charge who performed on cut accidentally had the same, birthday changing only on 5th, thing that blood type had the same, preference of thing to eat decided marriage after we met. She wins bouquet in bouquet pulls at wedding ceremony of co-worker on the weekend before proposing and OK's result of proposal that we were convinced of when we cannot but never decide immediately, and it is happy at all now, too
  • He that it was hard to say that we went together on marriage premise and we were quiet during trip on my birthday of the second year and nonfluent liked was glad of "getting married soon, or (*^^*) trace, cleaning that felt for first love so far having said to ..." and words for awkwardness of kedo him who said, and expected surprise that dishes dake should try me that it was hard hard♪
  • After all ring paka is admiration of girl!
  • Please drink my miso soup every morning
  • Because we make happy
  • Rely more and more! Because I all take!
  • It was said, "we do not want to part" and decided marriage
  • We want to be with you together until we die.
  • I am 41-year-old woman who did difference marriage of year. We like a word that decided marriage most all over the world and are sure to make happy. Therefore will you marry me? This was said. Marriage 16 years still pass for happiness.
  • Though it is he only two weeks who goes together, and said to Izu Oshima in license camp from Saitama for one week, it is said, and please be together every day in one week, and shall we get married? The teiwaremashita child four people eldest daughter is love love in 10 saidesubikkurisurukurai now
  • It is simple when we love and is glad!
  • We want to live with you until we die.
  • Welcome back it wants to be said every day
  • We want to say that good morning every day
  • Is in place of memory or church without place to go being said on date; and even if "become grandfather grandmother, tie hand peacefully, and want to walk from now on. It wants to be said, let's get married
  • Nothing daily life is fun
  • Though it is old-fashioned, you serve throughout the life, or do you feel relieved?
  • After all it wants to be said that we love straight!
  • We want to walk the coming life with you.
  • One that there was in some two people than one is comfort.
  • It is simple and wants to make you happy!
  • We think or want to be said to be destined
  • After all proposal wants to be told "to love"
  • I love, too
  • We lie with the same futon even if we quarrel. I have been never angry at him. Anger was not settled, and we appeared in secret at night, and omoi was going to go only once to part. When we pretended in poor physical condition and did not enter futon, it was said, "return". My place to stay thought then that it was only here. And we decided marriage.
  • We can sleep in peace
  • For you, we seem to work with effort
  • Yes, probably you should surely get married
  • We want to eat in rice, every day that you make, is it impossible?
  • Because you should bring only your and your clothes!
  • We have only to be absentminded together
  • Anyway, because it is not thought other than you
  • We want to enter the same grave
  • We want you to become family
  • Because he/she should give only smile anytime
  • We want to be together all the time from now on.
  • We like all including bad place.
  • Then do you come to beat?
  • Because 30% of you are enough, be on side
  • Though family name changes one character, is it good?

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