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6:55 broadcast to stop by on October 31, 2018

Just before break! Nova special of song

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Eiichiro Funakoshi, Miyuki Imori, Haruhi Ryouga, Shoji Shinagawa, Ami Kikuchi
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anison diva, former Morning Musume Successor of, Yujiro Ishihara, folk song idol, good-looking guy of debut of this year…Just before, break! Supernova of song develops hot battle!

11 novas just before break gather!
1.[voice actor idol who intoxicated 10,000 people in Nippon Budokan]
We serve voice actor of popular game "idol master", and she who has singing voice that achieved major debut as solo sings "friends" of Rebecca emotionally this year.

2.[voice silky in pole born from street]
The silky voice becomes topic, and measure makes its debut during activity as road singer in this August. Singing voice that is praised highly from So Takei in SNS takes off veil. s game music "single thought" of miwa.

3.[again to superlative performance! Unyielding around 40 singer]
We are dissolved by the pregnancy of companion tragically though we pass by audition show of TV TOKYO, and measure makes its debut with unit called "tekumakujankushon" once. We pass audition of musical "Les Miserables" of 2019, and boyfriend showing sign of late-blooming Blake sings "Rasty Nail" of X JAPAN emotionally.

4.[from Osaka! Orthodox school folk song idol]
In spite of being innocent 13 years old, we still make our debut as member of "folk song girls" consisting of member who is good at folk song and dance this year. We play with "going to see cherry blossoms at night seven" of Fuyumi Sakamoto to weapon in folk song which we trained since childhood!

5.[we hang comeback! Morning Musume The first main vocal]
1998, Morning Musume We are in charge of main vocal with Natsumi Abe by the singing voice when we make our debut for the first graduate. We appear on variety program, and girlfriend showing sign of re-Blake aims at top this year at "summer door" of Seiko Matsuda!

6.[in hot pursuit of top 7! Supernova anisonshinga]
Since was born in the United States, and was young; under the influence of father to Japanese animation geek. When visit Japan at 16 years old alone, sing ending theme of popular animation "NARUTO"; in at a bound popular anisonshinga. Such she sings "you" of Akiko Kosaka emotionally.

7.[debut of this year! Hungry good-looking guy with unique career]
He who has the results of the Kanto third place by boxing at the age of high school student. We made major debut with song as member of vocal unit this year when we gave up way of prize fighter for injury. He with unique career sings Kenta Kiritani (Taro Urashima) "voice of the sea".

8.[at last chance that we got! Late-blooming songs and ballads diva]
Admiration is Naomi Chiaki since the days of primary schoolchild. She who achieved debut as long-cherished songs and ballads singer sings longed-for Naomi Chiaki "cheers" emotionally this year while acting as performance unit of model shop and professional baseball of gal magazine.

9.[musical elite who continued supporting masterpiece "Les Miserables"]
We make our debut in "Annie" in 1997. After masterpieces such as "new The Wizard of Oz", we appear on "Les Miserables" afterwards from 2007. Musical elite who played the part of one of the heroines Cosette plays in real earnest in "poetry of Hidamari" of Le Couple from 2015.

10.[successor of song of Yujiro Ishihara]
Received at the age of university student; "look for Yujiro Ishihara of the 21st century", and is with professional player Ishihara taking the opportunity of audition. His singing voice that played an active part as actor is accepted and makes our debut as singer at last this year. Boyfriend accepted as successor of song by office of Yujiro Ishihara, masterpiece sings in "thank you night fog tonight".

11.[talent flowers in foreign country! Quite popular animation theme song singer]
She that bullying emigrated to the hometown Philippines of mother in the days of junior high student in opportunity. Therefore after posting singing voice on net, Japanese recordmaker paid attention and made debut wonderfully. We are in charge of quite popular animation "Attack on Titan" and theme song of "Gundam" most new item, and break she who is inevitable sings "Over and Over" of Every Little Thing emotionally.

We are sent back to the top

We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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