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7:54 broadcast to stop by on August 1, 2018

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Kunikazu Katsumata, Chizuru Azuma, Keisuke Okada, hitomi, jusei Satomi
The highlight tonight?
All the members are program first appearance! Fight of professional beyond genre and professional guts! Older sister of nova of song of Takarazuka nature diva vs. physical education society system good-looking guy singer vs. entertainer horse vs. enka ballad world vs. good luck singer vs. song

Disparage for block this time, and 11 singers sing game music sequentially, score high rank three people are final advances. Person who gave the highest score among three people becomes championship!

①We apply for program by oneself! Natural singer of Kyoto appears! She who began street live at the age of 18 years old in hometown, Kyoto. Nickname that was accompanied because people gathered so as to fill up the sidewalk in an instant "traffic stopper!" With singing voice as we stop traffic, she who is aggressive who has been in charge of drama theme song in 2010 sings "PIECE OF MY WISH" of Miki Imai emotionally! What is the singing voice?
②Favorite child of super influential figure! Nova of enka ballad world attention comes up! Boyfriend who is disciple of Ikuzo Yoshi who continued pulling enka ballad world in the front line. Originally we liked hip-hop and Japanese reggae, but we hear "drunk's song" of Ikuzo Yoshi at the age of junior high student on TV and shed tears and like enka ballad. We continued that we shouted that we wanted to obtain tasteful husky voice like Ikuzo Yoshi until we vomited blood every morning for two hours for five years and obtained tasteful singing voice! And we obtain opportunity to sing in front of longed-for Ikuzo Yoshi in 2015 and the singing voice is detected and is apprenticed. We sing the origin of his enka ballad, "drunk's song" of Ikuzo Yoshi emotionally when we do not be ashamed of the name of teacher! Does final advance become?
③Nova on the rocks singer who inherited DNA of big game singer appears! Man of influence, Kiyoshi Maekawa of songs and ballads world that her father who was active as vocal of rock band reached the debut 50th anniversary this year. Her older brother is active as singer, too, and is past; karaoke ★As for having participated in battle. We join tour of Kiyoshi Maekawa from this February, and she who shows song together on stage sings "WHITE BREATH" of T.M.Revolution emotionally! What kind of singing voice may we hear as expected?
④We rise suddenly by strength of toad! Very lucky singer appears! She who one day thought suddenly, and performed to New York who bud did not readily appear though we graduated from high school of Kitakyusyu and aimed at singer, and sent long bottom of the pile life. In being impressed by the Broadway musical "Lion King", and place that sang by a cappella in front of venue, producer of super noble family club Apollo theater where we were present at by chance listening, and singing on stage of Apollo theater! In addition, after returning home, we are impressed by crude poem of chanson in one of Shinjuku and a certain bar, and place that flies when oneself wants to sing, and sang songs, acquaintance of the present music producer listen, and this is opportunity, and CD makes its debut! She who is very strong in such a toad sings "Rainey blue" of Hideaki Tokunaga emotionally! Karaoke ★Is championship of battle drawn, too?
⑤Older sister of song loved in each places of the whole country appears! She who learned vocal music in music graduate course of Ferris University Graduate School, and graduated at the top. Now NHK Daisuke of "is with mother" of Yokoyama Daisuke, also known as older brother appear on concert going around the whole country as partner, and send singing voice that is kind to children of the whole country. She who sings songs by ground wave for the first time this time sings "to you who are running out of Ohisama ... size" of Ayaka Hirahara emotionally! Does new fan acquisition become?
⑥Takeshi Tsuruno hard; suppose! Song of nova horse singer of entertainer world appears! Song horse that boyfriend who was younger student of office of Takeshi Tsuruno has aimed at musical actor in the past. He who is determined when win the championship, and want to make the debut as CD of Naotaro Moriyama "love, and sing to you" emotionally! Takeshi Tsuruno best recommended song horse entertainer storms the world of song from the world of laughter! Does it become meeting, center of a typhoon now?
⑦Dismissal from an organization ascidian ascidian! Natural diva of former Etoile appears! She who joined as the Takarazuka all-women's opera 93rd graduate in 2007. Owner of ability that acted as "Etoile" that showed solo first twice in parade of the finale that we could not act as if we did not have singing talent of high level with us. We were just dismissed from in this March, and she of the TV first song sings "paean of love" of Fubuki Koshiji emotionally this time! How do you sing in a loud voice?
⑧Unique sisters unit that the world accepts comes up! She who forms unit "tea orchid po lantern" with older sister in 2009, and is in charge of vocal. Very popular drama of 2016 was in charge of opening theme music of "it was to geruha shame, but is useful" and attracted attention. Unique view of the world such as circus comes into the limelight and U.K., Taiwan are Canada and the United States more, but are holding live now as well as Japan. She who likes great karaoke sings "slow motion" of Akina Nakamori emotionally so as to go to visit karaoke when there is spare time in intervals of tour! Do carry out?
⑨Unique enka ballad singer from South American Argentina appears! She who her parents were Japanese-Argentines, and got close to Japanese enka ballad and Okinawa folk song while being in Argentina under the influence of grandparents from Okinawa since childhood. In 2001, we win the championship at meeting of "NHK singing contest" in Argentina and participate in "NHK singing contest champion meeting" in the next year. We became the first grand champion as the overseas participants! Karaoke ★She to tell to want to spread good enka ballad through battle sings "brothers ship" of Ichiro Toba emotionally! Does final advance become?
⑩Good-looking singer of super physical education society system appears! He who is leader of dance & vocal unit "MADKID" where measure made its debut in this January. In fact, he is the cause, high school boy who plays baseball. In best 4 from primary schoolchild commencing with baseball at the age of ninth grader of the whole country! To be professional, we entered strong school with experience that was a runner up in Koshien, but break shoulder. In the way to professional, song saved him though we were cut off. We begin to walk new way called singer, and he to train well sings "overflow with gentleness" of JUJU emotionally to strengthen muscle of the vocal cords circumference! Does high score become at throat which we strengthened by muscular workout?
⑪Rising through the ranks singer raised in Kagawa appears! She who was born and raised in Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa is smart in the next sun which graduated from high school; to the United States! We handled severe lesson in music school on weekdays and sent music soaked every day for 365 days that we sang gospel at church on holiday. She who trained herself in martial arts of music returns home at the age of 25 years old in the United States for seven years. We participate in audition show and it is chosen from approximately 2,000 people and wins the championship wonderfully! And, in 2010, we made major debut. She who plays in familiar major shrine fireworks display consecutively for three years because top artist appears sings "only you stare" of Maki Oguro emotionally! Karaoke ★Can you create a sensation for battle?

We are sent back to the top

We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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