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6:55 broadcast to stop by on May 9, 2018

The strongest vocalist cup for women

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Hidehiko Ishizuka, Kunikazu Katsumata, Hitomi Sato, Eri Oishi, jungle pocket
The highlight tonight?
Intense fight between women! Who is it to have seat of the strongest girl in the hand? New assassinator from Queen of the new top 7vs former theatrical company four seasons vs. former SDNvs fist running fire vs. Takarazuka vs. anison singer vs. gospel
... A block ...
  • ▼Lump of positive mind! Nova diva of R & B world appears! She who decided to prepare after the graduation from university though we found a job once when it was the useless material, and to aim at singer. Talent of song flowers when we begin to go to noble music school which produced Shota Shimizu and ONE OK ROCK! Powerful singing voice caused reputation and made indies debut in last November. She who aims at championship by born high tone voice of great great admiration as for the fan of MISIA "wrap up…We sing "emotionally! Do carry out?
  • ▼The best folk song in Japan! Queen of fist running fire appears! She who won the championship at national convention that we began to learn folk song from 10 years old, and champions of local folk song competed for at only 14 years old wonderfully, and was number one in Japan, and shined. The number of trophies which won so far really more than 50! As for the weapon of such her, it is rung fist repeatedly. With the ability, last June karaoke ★It does not touch championship though we participate in battle for the first time and make a foray into the final. She who is determined when we want to avenge our loss sings "we do trip pattern of a 1 yen coin" of Saori Hareyama emotionally! Does final advance become?
  • ▼From Washington, ability group anisonshinga come up! She who was born and raised in Washington D.C. of the United States. We are interested in Japanese animation under the influence of father who liked unparalleled animation and visit Japan at 16 years old for the first time alone. Thereafter ability group that we liked Japan so as to come to Japan at every holiday, and it was her who was super animation geek, but singer made the debut in 2013. We are selected as ending theme music of popular animation "NARUTO" and, in 2015, do postrecording of game character now, and voice actor plays an active part in the stage of sponsorship. Such she sings "Bluebird" of Ikimono-gakari emotionally! What is the singing voice?
  • ▼Overwhelming volume of voice singer having singing voice loved by God of gospel appears! She who there was not experience that both song and musical instrument learned until they found a job in general company after the graduation from university, but has begun to go to gospel classroom to do own thing that we wanted to do. Then the talent flowers at a stretch, and begin to learn, and it is to lecturer at gospel in two years, is Lilli - with CD more two years later! We decorated chicken with genuine gospel singer who visited Japan while gospel singer participated even in event carried out in Tokyo more than 1,000 from the whole country and attracted the audience the other day! Such she sings song of insertion "Let It Go" during drama of movie "Frozen" emotionally!
... B block ...
  • ▼Former SDN48 oldest member! Hungry singer of the edge of a precipice appears! She who won the championship at karaoke meet which we participated in at the age of 9 years old for the first time suddenly. Then we begin to learn folk song in hometown, Miyazaki and go to Tokyo to be singer at the age of 18 years old in earnest. And we passed audition of SDN48 at 31 years old and made late-blooming idol debut. After graduating from SDN48, we do chorus of 48 groups and are doing singer activity while doing work of stagehand. She to challenge by all out effort that the back already grieves at sings "love" of Yuki Koyanagi emotionally! Does high score become?
  • ▼Trio girls spreading enka ballad in the world come up! She who is in charge of main part of group of 3 girls unit "Mother Nature" (do not see) who made their debut in September, 2017 when we want to spread enka ballad created in Japan in the world. She likes enka ballad and encounter, enka ballad in karaoke cafe which grandparents ran at the age of 3 years old. As disciple of composer, Hideo Mizumori who brought up many enka ballad singers including Kiyoshi Hikawa when we wanted to tell enka ballad which told joy to sing to wide generation, we polished song and grew up so that national unison was left in game of Major League baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers. Such she aims at first championship and sings "jonkara woman clause" of Yoko Nagayama emotionally! Does final advance become?
  • ▼* Mysterious singer dedicating singing voice to 0 appears! She who learned opera in vocal music department of Kunitachi Music College in earnest. Owner of singing voice as producer super big game, Steve dofu which dealt with Whitney Houston or Celine Dion when we went over to the United States in 2012 were impressed deeply with her singing voice and produced album. We perform Shinto ritual to send everyday thanks called song dedication to God with song after returning home in famous Shinto shrine of various parts of Japan. Such her, ending theme music of Ghibli movie "LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky" sings and "we pick you up" emotionally! What is the singing voice?
  • ▼New assassinator of the strongest Takarazuka army corps! Good-looking guy Etoile comes up! Noble "Takarazuka all-women's opera" which produced specialist of many songs. Influential person that it has top-level singing talent to act as "Etoile" showing solo first above all in parade of the finale. New assassinator who acted as Etoile this time participates in the war! It was Etoile that daughter position sang in solo, but singing voice to enslave woman was evaluated and she did in male part played by a woman and originally acted as Etoile! It is said that this is thing that is considerably rare during long history of Takarazuka. She with good-looking guy voice sings "saraba lover" of Masaaki Sakai emotionally! How do you sing in a loud voice?
... C block ...
  • ▼Bazooka speaker, Kei Mori of small body which was reborn appears! She whom street made its debut as in hometown, Hiroshima at the age of 15 years old. Powerful singing voice such as bazooka that her charm made use of the volume of voice. Karaoke ★Without one step always amounting though we participate in battle eight times until now and attain high score. We reflect own music some other time, and she to open new ground as on the rocks singer, and to participate in after an interval of approximately one year five months sings and "we kiss here" of Ringo Shiina emotionally! We play by new power of expression that we obtained!
  • ▼One time of championship! As for the real face, mysterious hardware locker comes up! She who won the championship at "different kind martial art war rookies cup of last July of song" first participation in a war wonderfully. It is such her, but band where oneself acts as vocal begins indefinite activity stop at the end of last year, and it is said that thereafter we do not sing in front of visitor. She for the second championship sings "foreigner" of Saki Kubota emotionally when we want to win by all means! How do you sing in a loud voice?
  • ▼Earnest wish for two years! Moeko Nakamura appears unyielding musical actress who achieved entering top 7! Two years ago karaoke ★She who won battle first appearance first championship, and made vivid debut. We want to make the top 7 until now! Without pushing forward in 2 meeting continuation finals though we participate in the spring grand prix and annual champion deciding match that title of top 7 is given this in seven high ranks. We missed entering top 7 at another one step. However, we kick out the self-highest score with the spring grand prix of this March, and the top of earnest wish is with 7! As new top 7, "one sounding that bell of Akiko Wada sings you" emotionally! Is victory of dignified presence made demonstration of?
  • ▼Stoic diva of the former theatrical company four seasons appears! She from Guangdong, China receives talent scout from Keita Asari who was director in the theatrical company four seasons, and she joins during musical department being on the register roll of noble conservatorium of Beijing in those days in 2003. We acted as the leading role with famous work and played a role as showgirl. Such she boasts of according to lesson of the theatrical company four seasons, "person losing Buddhist preaching leave", overwhelming pitch accuracy rate. We strengthen muscle to play accurate sound, and she who is stoic who performs special training of karaoke every day for ten hours sings "come spring" of Yumi Matsutoya emotionally! Does final advance become?

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We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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