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February 21, 2018 broadcast

The song of U-18 horse Koshien best four king contest

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Terry Ito, Rie Shibata, intellect British Panther, Akane Takayanagi (SKE48)
The highlight tonight?
... A block ...
  • ▼THE karaoke ★Insane daughter of Saitama that is battle super LOVE appears! She who all kinds have CD, DVD of program, and loves program. At every participation, we surprised studio by overwhelming singing talent not to think of to be junior high student until now. Song pride that fought successfully through qualifier of each metropolis and districts in last November compete for the best every year in Japan and participate in Japan karaoke room grand prix which Anna Suzuki of King best four participated in in the past and win the championship wonderfully! We win the championship at meeting of many songs, and she who accomplishes rapid growth most sings "overflow with gentleness" of JUJU emotionally now only last year! Does high score become?
  • ▼U-18 new face war king! Growing boy of Saitama appears! Warrior that he who had begun to learn song won the championship at horn karaoke meet on last summer 5 from last April. We control older people and win the championship at U-18 autumn new face war which participated in the war to force in last November wonderfully! The achievement spread out in local Saitama in a moment and was published in newspaper. We sing "the good sun departure" of Momoe Yamaguchi emotionally that such he meets expectation of all the relatives! Do carry out?
  • ▼The sixth challenge with best four king! Song horse boy, Ryusei Nishioka of Chiba appears! Boyfriend of regular customer singer who participates in 19 times of programs so far, and is proud of one time of championship in the past. We get chance becoming a best four king five times so far, but we are defeated at another one step while providing high score every time, and it fails to be to King best four with five times. Man that program has weakest game in history aims at with best four king again and sings "we want to sing in two once again" of Akiko Wada emotionally! Does entering best four king of earnest wish become?
  • ▼We appear on famous CM! Super junior high student of musical world expectation appears! In the past, she who showed singing voice in CM of miso of famous maker, and played childhood of heroine Japanese oak since fourth grader in the super long run work "Lion King" of "the theatrical company four seasons" for two years. Musical world promising star that was selected as the main cast very much while many famous actors linked the name in Broadway musical "secret garden" that met the first performance in Japan in this June! As for the dream, she called musical actress sings "paper airplane of 365 days" of AKB48 emotionally! Does final advance become?
... B block ...
  • ▼Orthodox school diva of Fukuoka dreaming of voice actor artist appears! She that it loves comics and animation since the days of primary schoolchild, and it is dream to become voice actor artist. We go to noble music private supplementary school which brought up Ayaka and popular top artist including YUI and acquire the grand prix now in contest "voice actor stadium 2016" performed for the purpose of excavation of voice actor in the next generation. Karaoke ★We participate in battle for the first time in last November, and the wonderful final steps forward by singing voice of studio size great admiration! She that this time becomes the first participation in a war as for U-18 meeting sings "Everything" of MISIA emotionally! Does high score become?
  • ▼From Hiroshima to the whole country! Song horse costume play junior high student appears! Local song horse celebrity that she whom extremely ordinary female junior high school student can see is invited to many events on the weekend! Figure which puts on various clothes in the body, and sings becomes reputation, and, in addition to outstanding singing talent, appearance request comes now from shopping mall of not only hometown, Hiroshima but also next Shimane. However, it is last time karaoke ★We are defeated without being able to give original ability at the time of battle participation. She who puts on clothes in the body this time, and participates in the war sings "single thought" of miwa emotionally! Do carry out?
  • ▼Ayaka Sakuma appears genius junior high student who hid fighting spirit out of the standard! She who won the grand prix from approximately 10,000 people in major recordmaker contest hosted by avex at the age of sixth grader in 2016. Karaoke ★We kick out score more than 99 points at the time of first appearance of sixth grader by battle suddenly, and the first-ever splendid achievement of one hundred perfect score is accomplished in primary schoolchildren afterwards! We made a foray into the final with the spring grand prix of 2017 wonderfully and had title of top 7 in our hand at the youngest. However, emergency qualifier is defeated by annual champion deciding match of the same year. Furthermore, even as for the next meeting, qualifier is defeated, in standstill state. We go to karaoke room to spring for vexation day after day, and she who burns fighting spirit sings "WILL" of Mika Nakashima emotionally! Does entering best four king become?
  • ▼Native of Hokkaido enka ballad junior high student of middle age woman Melo Melo appears! He who went to songs and ballads classroom which grandfather ran since 2 years old, and fired good grades at local karaoke meeting with the vaunted enka ballad. We participated in NHK singing contest and were able to sound bell of pass. Karaoke ★Sing enka ballad which battle participation notabinimo loves emotionally, adult woman to Melo Melo! Him that it is aim to become a U-18 best four king with enka ballad, o sings "the naniwa-bushi reciting dayo life" of Takashi Hosokawa emotionally! Does final advance become?
... C block ...
  • ▼Father and three-legged race! Tosa native of powerful voice appears! She who is in charge of vocal in light range of high school, and takes lesson by the cause of professional voice trainer for two days a week. Her father loves her song and goes together for voice training and karaoke while we run building and supports her. She who practiced in parent and child after the program first appearance of last August more eagerly of MISIA "want to meet, and sing emotionally now"! Does high score become?
    ※"ai" of title of a musical composition is a piece of shinnyodesu definitely.
  • ▼We promise revenge! The diva, Maino Fujii sky of Naniwa comes up! Karaoke ★She who participated in battle for the first time two years ago. In the past, it overthrew U-18 best four king, Mai Sasaki and attracted attention as super primary schoolchild, but drained tears of vexation without several degrees by Kumada konohano rise of Ayaka Sakuma and new power of the same age without being able to stretch out score at the next meeting as expected. We sing "Noto Peninsula" of Sayuri Ishikawa emotionally when never lost at this time! Does final advance become in game music that we chose by origin recurrence?
  • ▼Nova of U-18 expectation! Song of good-looking guy horse junior high student appears! He who is scholarship student of "AVEX artist academy" which recordmaker avex where Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda belong to runs Fukuoka school. We polished the singing voice from third grader and won many meetings until now. We pass audition in school and become member of selection unit and stand in stage of each place on the weekend last year. When we participated in U-18 new face war in last November, the wonderful final steps forward! He who showed the name to as boy of expectation to carry future U-18 on its back at a stretch sings "way" of EXILE emotionally! Is the real ability of boy given a vivid description of?
  • ▼Cinderella girl, Kumada konohaga appearance nearest a best four king! She who appeared for the first time in March, 2017, and gave super high score of the 99 points level in qualifier. We get super high score of the 99 points level in the final and win the championship for the first time overwhelmingly! We win championship, and even meeting of August when we participated successively achieves 2 crowns! Furthermore, stayed to finalist by champion deciding match for 2,017 years, and accomplished splendid achievement called entering top 7 from participation in seven months, is right Cinderella girl! She that it may be said that we are at position where a best four king is the nearest when we see the recent results sings "Time goes by" of Every Little Thing emotionally! Do carry out?

We are sent back to the top

We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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