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December 20, 2017 broadcast

The strongest girl vocalist cup

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Goro Noguchi, Rie Shibata, nun God interchange, JOY, Ikeda beauty A (michopa)
The highlight tonight?
We hold decisive battle "strongest girl vocalist Cup" in the last in 2017. Queen <Yoko Aramaki> and Morning Musume of mimicry world Red-and-white singer <GAO> that diva <Asuka Fukuda> of initial member, "good-bye" made a big hit plays title of "the strongest girl vocal", and program participates in the war for the first time! Furthermore, we washed down nova, woman of Heisei who won the championship at the beginning of this year <rice porridge>, and the participants with model singer <Rina Takahashi> who carried out long-cherished measure debut and others ability was prepared other than hard rock girl <SAKI>. Who is it as expected to have seat of "girl strongest for 2,017 years" in the hand?

We are sent back to the top

We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear for "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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