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6:55 broadcast to stop by on May 23, 2018

Selection new face war 2018 of song of U-18 horse Koshien spring

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Masaaki Sakai / Kanako Yanagihara / Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Hideyuki Nakayama, Yoko Minamino, Daisuke Asakura, Michiko Tanaka, thunder (good learning Ishida Takeuchi)
The highlight tonight?
The best 18 years or younger participates in the war from the whole country! All the members are first appearance; emergency super high score! Who is it to win confused fight that we cannot predict? Chorus boy of folk song boy vs. elite primary schoolchild vs. misukon No. 1 high school girl vs. Kyushu
... A block ...
  • ▼JK comes up in nowadays of noble family music school No. 1! She who belongs to noble music school "VOAT" which produced Ryuji Imaichi or Fujiwara Sakura of J Soul Brothers for the third generation. Owner of ability chosen from approximately 100 people with confidence in song at meeting in school performed last year by Fukuoka No. 1. It is girlfriend of high school girl, but it is usually said that we train the 3km run lung capacity every day now to polish singing talent. Such she sings "366 days" of HY emotionally! Does high score become?
  • ▼Dream is musical actress! High school girl of music department specialty appears! She who goes to high school with music department that is rare in Kanagawa, and majors in vocal music. It is dream to become musical actress, and, besides, knowledge of orchestra and opera polishes singing voice every day while learning Italian. At the age of eighth grader, popular musical appears on "Freddie of leaf", and she who has ability that carried out winning a prize wonderfully sings "SAKURA" of Ikimono-gakari emotionally at Tokyo meeting of "all-Japan student eisteddfod" that students learning vocal music compete for! Do carry out?
  • ▼It is quite popular with senior generations! Folk song boy of 150cm tall appears! He who has singing voice that authority, Takaaki Sato of folk song world which goes to folk song classroom since fourth grader, and raised Yoshida brothers admits. When we are well, and the mayor of hometown, Samani-cho, Samani-gun, Hokkaido gives senior generation, we praise highly very much and are famous so as to appear in local newspaper. As for the range of voice, boyfriend of soprano same as woman sings "jonkara woman clause" of Yoko Nagayama emotionally! Does final advance become?
  • ▼We appear on the Lion King! Bright person elite primary schoolchild appears! She who stood to the stage as "young Japanese oak" position in the musical "Lion King" of the theatrical company four seasons until November of last year for the childhood period of heroine Japanese oak is "Peter Pan" and supermarket primary schoolchild who played an active part in "Annie" as the main casts. Give lessons in dance at accelerated class with deviation value 72, is right bumburyodo. She who is the only primary schoolchild participants sings "Hero" of Namie Amuro emotionally this time! Does meeting youngest championship become now?
... B block ...
  • ▼From Shizuoka! Glitter high school girl of the misukon first place appears! She who shined in the first place in contest to decide beautiful woman of grade one to be performed every year on campus two years in a row. We belong to music club at school and repeat efforts in order to have we handle songwriting and are released in SNS, and many people hear. She who got the vocalist section highest award by next-generation star excavation audition that LINE hosted sings "nijiiro" of Ayaka emotionally last year! Karaoke ★Can even battle get No. 1 seat?
  • ▼We are devoted to the world of song! Narcism singer appears! He that it is dream to become singer since childhood. Feeling to put in song begins to write the lyrics in notebook unusually and we study the lyrics and make image in own head well and sing. He who is filled with deep emotion if it is such anywhere in the world of song, and sings in a loud voice of Shota Shimizu sing "by melody emotionally in substitution for bouquet"! What is the singing voice?
  • ▼We struggle in families! Song horse junior high student of Hyogo appears! She who stood on stage of musical from second grader, and polished singing voice. She to like English almost as same as song goes to English class, and she participates in English eisteddfod "English Vocal Election" now. In 2017, we got the highest award from approximately 6,000 people in part of solo section, junior high student! Karaoke ★Toward battle participation, she who it becomes family bullet, and practiced hard sings "NAO" of HY emotionally! Do carry out?
  • ▼Small-sized high school boy of NHK singing contest champion belonging to cheering party appears! Boyfriend of music lover who belongs to cheering party for six years, and can play piano, drum, guitar. We won championship at meeting "NHK singing contest Shibukawa, Gunma meeting" of song which we participated in for the first time suddenly. We do entry for many karaokes meet one after another and gain excellent results afterwards. He whom it means that the present dream becomes singer sings "wandering" of Tamio Okuda emotionally! Does final advance become?
... C block ...
  • ▼Native of Hokkaido hiding dream to singer, national female scientist appear! She who joined chorus club at junior high school, and has begun to have admiration to singer. We are going to higher vocational school training jitsu*matogisha of specialized field including industry now. Her parents hope for qualification, but her dream is older sister of song. Such she sings "first love" of Kozo Murashita emotionally! Can you open up course to dream?
  • ▼Admiration is a U-18 best four king! Strawberry daughter of Tochigi appears! Her parents' house having admiration toward U-18 best four king from same Tochigi, Yui Hori and Anna Suzuki is strawberry farmhouse. At the age of primary schoolchild, she who enters local chorus, and has participated in concert of Ryoko Moriyama at the age of eighth grader as chorus corps is receiving lesson of vocal music for opera singer twice a week now. It is karaoke family all together ★She called big fan as we see battle sings "thing which does not change" of depths Hanako emotionally! Does high score become?
  • ▼At any risk three years! Middle 2 girl who played with famous musician appears! It is karaoke more than 100 times for three years ★She who continued applying for battle. Father practiced hard in former professional musicians together at home and got many prizes in many karaokes meet. It is the person and costarring by live that "sugashikao wins the championship at contest", and was carried out last year in Saitama Super Arena! We did duet of dream in front of approximately 18,000 audiences! Pass member singing Akira Taira Olympics support song "uta yell" with citron, long-cherished karaoke ★She who stands in stage of battle sings "I' m proud" of Tomomi Kahara emotionally! Does final advance become?
  • ▼We apply to gather members! Chorus boy of Kyushu appears! He who is member of Kumamoto High School glee club (male chorus club) proud of the thing history more than 50 years. Two people that chorus was not possible when not more than at least four, but member stood now. Karaoke ★We play an active part in battle and want to get many members alone! He who is determined in this of Kiyohiko Ozaki sing "good-bye emotionally once again"! Do carry out?

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We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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