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Karaoke ★With battle

In the Japan's most gorgeous karaoke room that Masaaki Sakai acts as honor, professionals and song horse singers of song of various fields first rank of the whole country gather. It is program which can be right called "martial art of song" competing for vaunted singing voice by marking of karaoke machine.

From J-POP and enka ballad, anison idol to musical, Takarazuka, fix Nihonichi from song horse singers of the whole country commencing with "different kind martial art war of song" that professionals of song playing an active part in various fields gather; "whole country unification! Strongest song horse king deciding match, song horses 18 years or younger hold various meetings including "song of U-18 horse Koshien" developing battle that is high level by surprising singing voice more.
Once in half a year, seven people who made a foray into the final with special for four hours when singer who played an active part in meeting of professional each amateur competes for top of song horse are given title of "top 7".

Variety programs using karaoke scoring opportunity increase, but "karaoke ★ battle" is ancestor karaoke marking program which started in 2006 recently.

We gave employee of TV TOKYO, and information that person was to require a large amount of money for durability when we could appear on "THE karaoke ★ battle" was put recently. As this program may not receive money from participation candidate in selection process, please be careful. When there is suspicious pressure, please contact TV TOKYO.

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