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Tuesday seven

Human variety show which we are laughable in families, and spirit are reflected on

Human variety that we are laughable in seven families on Tuesday, and spirit are reflected onTo TV TOKYO site

Seven broadcast was finished on Tuesday

Glutton family

Eat; eat, eat again! Various parts of Japan nokuishin Bo & gluttony family looking forward to the dining table of the day above all appears! We adhere to way of glutton while introducing feelings and invention for meal of family.

Japanese married woman who married into the world

We get married in the foreign ground and therefore we expose spot to women putting success and introduce way of current living. What is strictness to live for abroad? What is joy? We are just looking, and look at wonderful way of life getting courage.

Dinner of winners's president

What kind of meal does the president of company extending reach with an effort have? We investigate secret of the secret of health of president and family love and success while seeing "dining table" of source of the spirit.

Craftsman of small factory in town & repair

Topic that is in bad times, and is dark all the time to attack the world is many these days, but there is thing to be able to boast of to the world with confidence to Japanese even in such times! "Craftsman waza" where it comes clearly for a long time.

Sharp fisherman of Japan

We visit port town of all over Japan and adhere to discerning tradition fishery and daily life of family. We show "Han" tachigaso "go-getter" way of of the hot sea which loves the sea, and holds confidence in arm, and recognized fish as rival.

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