Pretty * grand prix

Wednesday, June 30 8:00 p.m.

New sense variety to let photograph and picture which women think "to be pretty" come up in sequence

PR video is this!

Performer [MC] Akira Fukuzawa, Marie [angel] Tomonori Jinnai (appearance of voice) [pretty * hunter] Takeo Chii, Kunikazu Katsumata, Hiroiki Ariyoshi, Taiyo Sugiura, total ten boss, Yuji (random order) [Kawai strike] tortoise Kyoko ("Ane Can" stylist), Kaori Manabe, Susanne, love that is spring, Mayuko Kawakita (random order) [kava * girl] amateur model 50

Theme ・We are pretty contribution * (pretty photograph posted on popular blog) ・We are pretty house (house) * (pretty thing in home of pretty * hunter) ・We are pretty ugo * (pretty video of baby and animal) ・We wait and are pretty * (item which is cute in private properties of woman walking town) ・We are pretty face * (thing which it is not actually face, but sees like face, and is pretty)

Male talents called "pretty * hunter" announce thing thinking, "this is pretty photograph and picture, item which caught woman's feelings!" in front of woman judge (50 amateur models) called "kava * girl" in program in sequence. Is male talent understanding "woman's feelings" most as expected somebody? For pride as man, we challenge presentation of cute item! The grand prix in hand of anyone?