... that that kata ru TV ... late-night drama was great
[broadcast was finished]

We read charm of late-night drama!

Middle of the night drama frame "drama 24" of TV TOKYO which we nominated the first cry for in October, 2005.
Thereafter for drama limit to stand out for ten years,
We gave television shock and continued!
, that there is not the biggest charm of "drama 24" in drama of prime time

From sex appeal line to authentic SF,
Luxurious lineup of no holds barred only by late-night frame!

"Drama 24" which brought about drama a lot of works which caught evaluation high throughout the trade,
It commends program and individual, group which contributed to improvement of broadcast culture this year
We win special prize in "the 52nd galaxy prize"!

Furthermore, as well as TV TOKYO, each commercial broadcasting station makes late-night drama limit,
We consider the new possibility.


The right now late-night drama age of civil strife!


We suggest talk variety that outspoken commentator chops late-night drama attracting attention in such now!


Is audience rating all? Radical talk to come in sequence!
The backside of late-night drama to be able to talk about simply because it is TV Tokyo!

From words that love surukarakosono is severe in late-night drama,
We read charm of late-night drama some other time.



Otani knob hiko (dainoji)

Reina Akimoto (TV TOKYO announcer)



Hirohide Yakumaru, Tatsuya Egawa, Ijiri Okada,

Tsunehiro Uno (commentator), Takashi Kimura (media disputant), oguraryuji (TV Brosses)

Drama 24 of Kool is ... in July

July 10 start!
Middle of the night of every Friday 0:12 broadcast

Drama 24 "first forest bemazu"


Program summary

Plan, original Yasushi Akimoto. Drama first lead Nogizaka46.

There is sweat, and there are tears, and there is diabolical pitch! Straight sports root drama by Nogizaka46 going out together act!

By deserted downtown area ... redevelopment, we demolished "first forest park" which was oasis of town, and construction to build apartment was going to begin.
Girls whom there is not of softball experience form girl softball team to protect park called "beginning park" from all of town and challenge super skilled player team to fight!

How many people do you play softball in?
Experienced person? ?

Downtown area team of doh bare throng corps challenges high school strongest team!

By the way, "first forest bemazu" of team name…Baseball movie about growth of small and weak team "do the best! It is origin in having been going to have "first forest Bears" after the fashion of Bears, but "a" of Bears having been taken for in "ma" when we order uniform.


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