Data broadcasting, chilly snow cone plays a game

Broadcast period: From August 1 to August 31

Data broadcasting summer vacation plan. We can participate in game to be able to be easily idle with remote control and can cook original snow cone. Collect stamps; and as for the chance of present application!

"Chilly snow cone game"

If 20 stamps collect; five people, "gift card 10,000 yen share" are 20 people "Nintendo 3DS LL"
We can apply for present hitting this by lot!
"Present keyword" that is displayed by data broadcasting screen when we have you apply from program homepage
Necessary. We confirm "present keyword" well, and the following present applies not to make any input mistake
You input matter necessary for form, and please apply.

※We exchange announcement of present elected candidate with shipment.
※Color designation of "Nintendo 3DS LL" is not possible.
※The application deadline: Monday, September 3 15:00

Acceptance was finished. Thank you for your application
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