Action plan to promote achievement of woman and information disclosure

TV TOKYO Corporation action plan

We devise action plan as follows to increase female employees, and to maintain employment environment where woman can play an active part.

1.Plan period
From April 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019
2.Our problem
(1)We want to increase the number of the woman administrators
(2)We want to raise ratio of woman among all employees
3.Aim and approach contents, effective time
Aim 1: We increase woman administrator 30%
<approach contents>
● Conduct of November, 2016 ... counselor training (manager candidate seminar)
● We hold carrier seminar for - woman in October, 2017
Aim 2: We raise ratio of woman among all employees
<approach contents>
● We have you deepen understanding with the workplace where woman including child care support system and job return system in the company can play an active part in the - a lot of industry, company briefing session in October, 2016 and raise the ratio of woman in applicant of generalist. ● We expand contents more and increase excellent woman applicant to increase application of woman in - grad hiring HP in December, 2016

The above

[publication of information about achievement of woman]

◆Ratio of workwoman among workers whom we employed (2015)
New college graduate employee       33.3%
0.0% of contracted employee (hiring throughout the year)
Part-time service employee       76.9%
Temporary employer      60.0%
◆Difference of the mean continuation duty number of years of man and woman
Difference ... 2.7 years of length of service of man and woman
     Length of service 17.3 years of man
     Length of service 14.6 years of woman
       [as of March, 2016]
◆The quitting a job number of workers employed for fiscal year after before 10 fiscal years and front of it
0 2004 new college graduate adopter (of 15 people) men, woman one
0 2005 new college graduate adopter (of 11 people) men, woman one
One 2006 new college graduate adopter (of 12 people) man, woman two

The above

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