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September 27, 2018

Economic news of TV TOKYO with smartphone easily! We deliver "economy interestingly in Paravi in para-business two minutes"

 TV TOKYO Corporation watches economic news of TV TOKYO and economic news program in a short time in streaming service "Paravi" (Para bi), and understand; contents deliver (※) by "economy interestingly newly from Monday, October 1 in para-business two minutes".

  We edit picture of news and special feature that selected carefully from "WBS" (world business satellite) "yuugata satellite" again briefly and deliver with article, and we reconstitute, and "future century Zipangu" "Cumbria palace" delivers the whole program to "series that it is revealed by two minutes" at "the daybreak of Gaia".
 We send contents to be able to taste fun of economy by service for people close against information and picture with smartphone to richness. Please enjoy new charm of economic program.

※"Para-business" is "para-coined word that bi", crossed to "business"

<< characteristic of para-business >>

Fun of economic news "Hayami"!
"WBS" We edit picture of news and special feature that selected carefully from "yuugata satellite" again for around two minutes from one minute and deliver with article
※Article may not be displayed on some platforms
Screen image (from "WBS")

Popular economic news program is two minutes; "reduction of working hours experience"!
We reconstitute the whole program of "future century Zipangu" "Cumbria palace" for "series to understand in two minutes" at "the daybreak of Gaia" and provide picture and article

Screen image (from "Cumbria palace")

It is revealed by subtitles even if we do not make sound!
We add subtitles to all pictures and understand the contents even if we turn off sound of smartphone

④ We can see new technique!
We deliver news of technology and start-up to richness

⑤ Daily life delivery!
We deliver in the morning every day in the evening (on Sunday and holiday only in morning)

[Paravi (Para with bi)]
Paravi (Para bi) is streaming service that premium platform Japan which started by co-funding of six media groups (TBS HD, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., TV TOKYO HD, WOWOW, DENTSU, HAKUHODO DY media partners) provides. From premium new item of "Paravi original" to immortal masterpiece, masterpiece, we had discerning contents. Popular drama variety animation and target work including original contents can enjoy rental work which latest drama and topic product can purchase every contents other than Paravi basic plan of 925 yen (tax-excluded) [999 yen including tax] with unlimited monthly basis. (as for the Paravi basic plan, free registration mon)
★Paravi service page
★The latest information of Paravi is in "News.Paravi" (news dot Para bi)

<formal account channel>                     
Twitter:Paravi (Para bi) (@_paravi_)                                                            
Facebook: Paravi- parabi

"Is interesting by economy in para-business two minutes"; contents
"WBS"           : Every week from Monday to Friday 11:00 p.m.
"yuugata satellite"   :From every Monday to Friday 4:54 p.m.
DAWN OF GAIA         : Every Tuesday 10:00 p.m.
"Future century Zipangu"     : Every Wednesday 10:00 p.m.
CAMBRIA PALACE         : Every Thursday 10:00 p.m.
※The program (except "yuugata satellite") mentioned above delivers the whole program broadcast in "Paravi" (Para bi)

The above

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