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July 6, 2018

New face announcer, Shotaro Nakagaki (nakagakishotarou) make their debut from Kool in earnest in July! Thank you in advance!


Announcer Shotaro Nakagaki

Announcer new face who entered TV TOKYO on April 1, 2018, Shotaro Nakagaki made his debut from Kool after the training for approximately three months in earnest in July. The first job as announcer of Sunday, July 22 broadcast plan "urgent SOS! It was location "to enter waterway of rice field which fell down of water level, and to challenge capture of snapping turtle" by all the wed great strategy to skip of pond.
Announcer Nakagaki will appear for event of "birthday party 2018 of nanana" celebrating birthday of TV TOKYO banana employee, nanana on Saturday on 7th tomorrow.

Please expect for future achievement of Announcer fresh Nakagaki.

Comment of the person
It is Shotaro Nakagaki of new face announcer.
I got absorbed in rugby parallel to studies commencing with rugby from 10 years old in home New Zealand in college student days. We love to watch a game of playing sports! As you are devoted every day to play an active part in a great variety of genres as soon as possible, not only sports, please support!

First location program 
"Urgent SOS! All the wed great strategy to skip of pond (Sunday, July 22 7:54 p.m. broadcast)


Announcer Tomoki Uekusa, Announcer Shotaro Nakagaki, Announcer Reina Washimi who participated in location

"It is urgent SOS program information! All the wed great strategy to skip of pond" 
[program MC] Atsushi Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go) Naoki Tanaka (Coco Rico)
[program summary] It is dispatched by SOS of neighborhood inhabitants who are annoyed by dangerous creature!
We pull all the wed of pond which naturalized species grows in large quantities, and is not appreciated and investigate very much what lies hidden there! Figure of biology not to even expect there?

Event information "birthday party 2018 of nanana"
[the date and time] Saturday, July 7, 2018 from 13:00 to 14:00 (opening 12:40)    ※Viewing for free          
[place] West yard 4F 4 in Tokyo Skytree town (R), Tokyo Solamachi (R)
"TV station formula shop - tree village ..." event space 

*About state and information of the first location receiving training of Announcer Nakagaki, we release at any time in "TV Tokyo plus" placing program information of TV TOKYO in ( Look at this.

It is ... more
It is full of information of TV TOKYO announcer! Site of "announcer park" renewed!
On Twitter, account of TV TOKYO announcement department (formally) began information dispatch newly!

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