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June 28, 2018

Seaside cottage which is nanana opens in Kamakura, Yuigahama this year!
TV TOKYO opens seaside cottage "nanana Marina" (Nana raw Lena) of TV TOKYO in the Yuigahama sea bathing hall of Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa in 2018 secondary to 2017.

Signboard of banana employee, nanana of TV TOKYO is seaside cottage of mark and can have delicious rice and drink which did popular Baru "buranoburano" and collaboration of Yokohama. In addition, we offer nanana and "nananabenchi" which can take a ceremonial photograph! We look forward to your coming.

[conduct summary]

      Facility name : nanana Marina (Nana raw Lena)

      Address : 〒 248-0014 4, Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa point Yuigahama sea bathing hall

      Period :From Sunday, July 1, 2018 to Friday, August 31


We broadcast program in conjunction with seaside cottage for a limited time!

Variety program to collect in Nana raw Lena "is sho Ina in interesting seaside cottage - Nana raw Lena ... world's most! We broadcast 2018 for approximately two months until from Sunday, July 1 to Wednesday, August 29.

As for the setting that had favorable reception last year, much-talked-about popularity entertainers more than the total number 30 sets just heap up program meeting in Kazuki Iio (zun), Eiji Shibata (untouchable) as Akane Hotta, the part of leader byte in Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n), the part of draw girl of seaside cottage owner position of seaside cottage this year in program MC.

In addition, on Sunday from July 29, drama of the udo Suzuki (chi - n) first lead broadcasts "shore story (provisionally) of udo" by all five episodes constitution! Love story of legendary surfer whom udo Suzuki plays the part of. As expected whereabouts of love with heroine? It is expectation to ask for.


[comment from performer]

Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n)

"It is sho Ina in ... world's most interesting seaside cottage - Nana raw Lena! 2018"

How about, or this title

Reckless action that we write without what grounds daringly while programs beginning defense increase if the world's most interesting,

Besides, of entertainers who is said that is interesting before broadcast, and appear in hurdle max grow, and please see state by all means.

There were not all, dressing room, and we took direct rays of the sun, and Nara changed its clothes and aligned the material!

We want to decide whether you attach young person nodekishidaide, air conditioner of this year for owner

Akane Hotta

Following last year this year "Nana raw Lena!" We participate in this!

It is convulsion for conte which polishing of seasonal entertainer hung over in the world's most interesting seaside cottage!

Amano of owner is gentleness same as before, too, and I participate in collecting happily, too.

As we heap up hot summer with wonderful everybody again, we would like!

Kazuki Iio (zun)

It is pekkori 45 degrees zunno Kazuki Iio. It is the father's side mother's side, the first grandchild of both families. And we eat fried squid in soy sauce.

"We began cold Chinese noodles." with "World Cup holding" this year, everybody We open of this at time of interval! As for Akane of draw girl, voice is given to owner Amano like high school boy who plays baseball. Entertainers are full of interesting stories more full-bodied than common sea urchin, too.

Please watch if good!

[comment of producer Isamu Ota (TV TOKYO)]

Entertainers more than the total number 30 sets appear on person of office from "is it good by this combination?" and minor entertainer asked again to large veteran such as zunnoo two from young person with force in now such as gone par and Tokyo hoteison. Please look forward to every day who appears. As it is collecting in seaside cottage, it is program which can taste feeling for kaiki silk in the summer quickly. We do drama of the udo first lead this year from the end of July. Please look forward to that place now as you are casting as wonderful Madonna position.


[program information]

Title It is sho ina in ... world's most interesting seaside cottage - Nana raw Lena! 2018

The broadcast date and time: From Sunday, July 1, 2018 every Sunday 10:48 p.m. ...

       1:35 ... late-night than Monday, July 2, 2018 for from every Monday to Wednesday

       July 16, 2018 Monday (holiday) asa 9:11 ...

       August 11, 2018 (sat, celebration) time undecided


Performer: Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n), Akane Hotta

      Kazuki Iio (zun), Eiji Shibata (untouchable)

Ugh, zun, identity, you who act violently, Arco & peace, squid, have; city, fully-ripened fresh, Sanshiro, time machine 3, Tokyo hoteison, hyokkorihan, Makino long underpants, yunibasuhoka


Drama performer: Udo Suzuki (chi - n) others

In the sea of Kamakura, please enjoy Nana raw Lena in front of TV this summer!

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