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June 14, 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup in TVer (tea bar)! In commercial broadcasting formula TV portal TVer (tea bar), we deliver video of "FIFA World Cup Russia" free! In highlight of all 64 games as for LIVE delivery!

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We establish "2018 FIFA World Cup special pages" to be able to enjoy 2018 FIFA World Cup started on June 14, 2018 in Russia until July 15 in commercial broadcasting formula TV portal TVer (tea bar).

Other than highlight video of all 64 games, we deliver LIVE with Egypt on June 15 vs. Uruguay game as a start ※We carry this out. Furthermore, we send goal scene from various angles by multiangle function. Besides, you can enjoy whole game video and substantial contents including player interview free.
※Part of LIVE delivery carries out only game

■We deliver highlight video of all games! 
We can look for highlight video of curious game in page according to sun and page according to team. 

■It is equipped with multiangle function!
We can watch super goal and attention scene from various angles.


■About commercial broadcasting formula TV portal "TVer" (tea bar)
It is catch-up service that five residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting (Nippon Television, TV Asahi, TBS TV, TV TOKYO, Fuji TV) runs. We cooperate in nine companies which included zaisakaminho four (Mainichi Broadcasting System, ASAHI BROADCASTING TV, Yomiuri TV, Kansai TV) and it is with advertisement and is delivering approximately 170 programs for PC smartphone (application), tablet (application) formally free now.

■About service of "TVer" (tea bar)  
・Complete free of charge! It is with unlimited after closedown of program for approximately seven days until next time broadcast!
There is no additional charge entirely.
・Reliable security! We deliver official program contents of commercial broadcasting TV station production.
・Convenient maile strike function that we can register favorite talent and program name with.
・It is equipped with program (ground wave, BS) which gave responses of the whole country.

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