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April 6, 2018

Plan of the 30th anniversary of "WBS" (world business satellite)
Comics "maasano tray tama diary"
"WBS" Anchor LINE stamp Oe of "first" praises highly very much, too!
"WBS" We convey backstage of popular corner "trend egg" of this
4 top comics "maasano tray tama diaries" power up!
Stamp which is clogged up with business scene is all 24 kinds!

 TV TOKYO Corporation and TV TOKYO Communications Corporation started release of LINE stamp that program became "first" as plan of the 30th anniversary of the broadcast of "WBS" (world business satellite) in history today from Friday, April 6. Character of stamp is woman caster of "WBS" including anchor Oe. We designed Kitamura maasaga of active tray tama caster who wrote 4 top comics "maasano tray tama diaries" about backstage of program. Add stamp to classic message, "gujjobu!" It is all 24 kinds that expression to be usable by business scene including "we go straight home" was fully jam-packed. Unique stamps perform help of your conversation!

Anchor Mariko Oe, anchor Yuka Aiuchi Field, Akane Kaebuchi tray tama caster, Kitamura maasa tray tama caster

Delivery stamp summary
[delivery application] LINE (
[price] 120 yen (tax-included) or 50 in
▽LINE STORE (reading is possible only in ※ iPhone/Android/PC.)
※When we access with stamp shop PC when we access with smartphone, it changes automatically to LINE STORE. (LINE STORE is available for reading at iPhone/Android terminal installing LINE.)

Anchor Mariko Oe comment
 Toward desk, we were worried as soon as Kitamura maasa caster came back from location in these days as something worked absorbedly. We thought even love letter or anti-abbreviated form of a Chinese character whether you were writing, but drew this stamp! We catch characteristic of character well and seem to be usable in various ways in the scene. And careful performance shines to one one stamp above all. Artist Kitamura is characteristic! If there is artistic taste as I can make stamp, think that scold life comfort; nowadays.
Mariko Oe (oemariko) profile
TV TOKYO caster. We are from Fukuoka. Nothing that hobby reads and likes in particular "peach" of Michael Ende. Favorite words "be higher in wish than the sky".

WBS is renewed from April of the 30th anniversary
 "WBS" (world business satellite) which program started from in April, 1988 reaches the 30th anniversary in this April. Therefore "WBS" will strengthen program still more for next 30 years.
 Program increases Tatsuo Yamakawa of Yoichi Takita of Nihon Keizai Shimbun editing committee of journalist who is rich in coverage experience and Nikkei Business editing committee as anchor commentary. We make use of coverage power that is rich in the TV TOKYO original ability for picture production and Nikkei Shimbun with reputation to the full and it is easy to understand the economic news to be more up in world and Japan in sharp viewpoint and will tell.

Program summary
 Program name : "WBS" (world business satellite)
 On airdate : From Monday to Friday 11:00 p.m. ... 
 Appearance :  Main caster Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO caster)
       New commentary caster Yoichi Takita (Nihon Keizai Shimbun editing committee) mon, wed, fri charge
       New commentary caster Tatsuo Yamakawa (Nikkei Business editing committee) tue, thu charge
       Anchor Field Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
       Anchor Field *kokuseika (TV TOKYO announcer)
       Tray tama caster Akane Kaebuchi (TV TOKYO announcer) Monday and Tuesday charge
       Tray tama caster Kitamura maasa (free-lance announcer) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday charge

 Simulcast : TX, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ, BS Japan

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