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March 1, 2018

"TV Tokyo to read" "read! We renew BS Japan
We are reborn as ondomedia "TV Tokyo plus" newly! ... new in ... original video category
 TV TOKYO ondomediasaito "TV Tokyo to read" ondomediasaito of BS Japan "read! We changed BS Japan and unification, name to "TV Tokyo plus" ( and renewed site.

 "Digitally TV Tokyo experience!" "ondomedia "TV Tokyo plus" that" TV station utilized strength of TV TOKYO group including entertainment business sports drama animation lifestyle travel gourmet settles for o password. We are particular about plan of original line like TV TOKYO group and read TV TOKYO, BS Japan digitally and see and feel and are the media to be able to enjoy.

 By this renewal, it renovates design of site. It was easy to find TV TOKYO and program related story of BS Japan and became easy to read. We found original [video category] that we can less see only on site and interlace video to text and image and provide TV Tokyo experience.
 In addition, we are going to release original plan utilized contents of features and TV TOKYO group which expanded information of program more one after another.


[main contents of renewal]

1. "TV Tokyo to read" "read! We unified BS Japan and were easy to find TV TOKYO and program related story of BS Japan and became easy to read.

2. We found "video category" newly. "Net provides article and image including original video and contents to be able to enjoy in total one after another including TV Tokyo, too".

3. We publish many photographs which we photographed by program collecting coverage in "photogallery".

4. We found op-ed page and, commencing with program related information, offer article at "TV Tokyo plus" original cut end.

 In "TV Tokyo plus," we perform deeper coverage at original cut end, and anyone aims at "article to read, and to be satisfied" with "video to see, and to be satisfied" with and provides high contents of quality. Please enjoy "TV Tokyo experience" digitally.

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