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December 18, 2017

We exceed total 10 million downloading at last! It is TVer for the year-end and New Year holidays! We are delivering popular program free!
Nippon Television Network Corporation
TV Asahi Corporation
TV TOKYO Corporation
Fuji Television Network Inc.

We exceed total 10 million downloading at last!
It is TVer for the year-end and New Year holidays! We are delivering popular program free!

 The number of the application downloading of catch-up service "TVer" (tea bar) which five residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting (Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, TBS TV, TV TOKYO Corporation, Fuji Television Network Inc.) ran broke through total 10 million downloading at last this month.

 We overlook approximately 150 programs mainly on popular drama variety that we increase zaisaka three and are broadcasting on TV at eight participation station free, and "TVer" which started service by five participation station / approximately 50 programs in October, 2015 is delivering now. "It is easy to use more and is more convenient" and greatly renews smartphone application and design and function of WEB site in this August. We achieved 26,260,000 times (※ 1) to exceed 21,920,000 times in August, 2017 when the number of the monthly video reproduction of this October when service started, and two years passed was the best until now more.
※It is total level of sankakyoku eight, the number of the reproduction of companies service via "TVer" 1

 Furthermore, App Store "Best of 2017" that as a result of having had support of users, Apple elects best ranking of iPhone application of 2017 as for "TVer" application and announces Trends of the Year ※We win 2. In addition, plan "Best of 2017 TOP20" that Google Play elects application that became topic in Japan in 2017 and announces ※We were nominated for 3.

 We miss the last inning of drama which reached climax at last one after another and are delivering this month. Furthermore, we have archive program which is selected as "premium for the year-end and New Year holidays" and, as for the year-end and New Year holidays, send lineup that variety is rich in in order to heap up new program of next January start and special program, movie most new item.
 In addition, we are going to cooperate with Olympics official competition video site "" on the Internet by commercial broadcasting TV station which can enjoy the Akira Taira (pyonchan) of February Olympics in "TVer". Please enjoy "TVer" with broadcast of TV in addition!

■Each year-end and New Year holidays station recommendation delivery lineup

Nippon Television Network Corporation 
 "Death notebook" (archive delivery)
 Others that "we do not finish our Gaya!" (11:59 broadcast to stop by every Tuesday)
TV Asahi Corporation 
 "DOCTORS strongest skilled physician" (archive delivery)
 "To conquer the land, sea and air earth" (9:58 broadcast to stop by every Saturday); others 
 "Newbie" (archive delivery)
 "Land king" (9:00 broadcast to stop by every Sunday) others
TV TOKYO Corporation 
 "Gourmet Season4, Season5 of loneliness" (archive delivery) 
 "God tongue" (middle of the night of every Saturday 1:45 broadcast) others
Fuji Television Network Inc. 
 "TOKYO airport - Tokyo Airport Air Traffic Services Department ..." (archive delivery)
 In "enemy - world of the people, is it not strange?" (9:00 broadcast to stop by every Monday) others
Yomiuri television transmission
 Even if "love is poor, we live" (archive delivery)
 And "we say that committee NP" (Kansai area, every Sunday hiru 1:30 broadcast) others
 "Detective! Night scoop (11:17 broadcast to stop by Kansai area, every Friday)
 "Chattering cooking of Emiko Kaminuma" (from every Monday to Friday hiru 1:45 broadcast) others
Mainichi Broadcasting System 
 "JOUNETSU - TAIRIKU" (11:00 broadcast to stop by every Sunday)
 "gobugobu" (11:58 broadcast to stop by Kansai area, every Tuesday) others

■About commercial broadcasting formula TV portal "TVer" (tea bar)

Eight commercial broadcasting TV stations cooperate! We can watch all approximately 150 programs free!
Complete free of charge! It is with unlimited after closedown of program for approximately seven days until next time broadcast! There is no additional charge entirely.
・When we like with PC smartphone (application), tablet (application), at favorite place, we can watch.
・As it is with advertisement, and free formula delivers program contents of commercial broadcasting TV station, we are safe for relief.
・Convenient maile strike function that we can register favorite talent and program name with.
・It is equipped with program (ground wave, BS) which gave responses of the whole country.

■Web site

■Application downloading

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