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November 30, 2017

"Gourmet of loneliness" program original goods release decision! Popular action-figure figma Goro Inogashira Yutaka Matsushige ver. "hard-boiled GORO edition"
 TV TOKYO Corporation decided release of "gourmet of loneliness" program original goods.
<Goro Inogashira> playing main character, Yutaka Matsushige of "gourmet of loneliness" finally becomes popular action-figure figma and appears! Sunglasses which appeared in Season4 Episode 1 are attached to TV TOKYO-limited edition. As for the name "hard-boiled GORO!" We produced the cause of the supervision that model, coloring was official together.
This product is sale by build-to-order manufacturing, and the reservation starting date is Thursday, November 30.
(c)2017 Masayuki Kusumi, Jiro Taniguchi, Fuso Corporation / TV TOKYO 
※Because we are supervising, it may be different from real product.

● The product details 
◆ Expression makes full use of <3D coloring>, and "we stuff our mouth, and, in pursuit of reality, three kinds of face" "hunger face" are offered "smile face".
◆ Belonging: Bag (we reproduce bag of Goro habitual use faithfully), chopsticks, bowl & rice, desk cooker & roast figure meat, oolong tea beer mug, chair, counter, sunglasses, cell-phone
◆ With "[yakiniku tortoise] play set" reproducing fried butcher shop as paperwork; and attachment.
◆ With figma original joint parts fixed smoothly and properly, we can reproduce pose of in a play.
◆ We secure excursion without breaking proportion by using soft material for point.
◆ We bundle base for exclusive use of movable figma with prop enabling various scenes.

[price]  7,870 yen (tax-included 8,500 yen)
[specifications]  ABS & PVC painted movable figure skating non scale, exclusive base attachment
[overall height]  Approximately 165mm
[plan production]  MAX FACTORY
[model production]  SCRATCH MODELIST, MAX FACTORY (Hideaki Hirata)
[production cooperation]  Maki Asai
[bag design cooperation]  Aoki

● Product reservation
Order period : Midday of Thursday, November 30 - Wednesday, January 10, 2018 21:00
・ The TV Tokyo main office. WEB ( 
・ The TV Tokyo main office. (Tokyo Station first Avenue character street shop / 3, Roppongi nananaria shop)
・ TV station formula shop - tree village ... (Tokyo Skytree town (R) Tokyo Solamachi (R) West yard 4F)
※This product is sale by build-to-order manufacturing. Handing over of product plans [about June, 2018].

◆◆◆ Program information ◆◆◆

We have last chance to eat in "gourmets of loneliness" at night of the last day of the year in 2017!

Title : "Business trip ... on the gourmet last day of the year of loneliness in special - Seto" (tentative title)
On airdate : Sunday, December 31, 2017 from 10:00 p.m. to 11:30 broadcast
The lead : Yutaka Matsushige
Appearance : Masayuki Kusumi (we broadcast by program introduction corner, live broadcast) others
The original : "Gourmet of loneliness" product / Masayuki Kusumi, image / Jiro Taniguchi (weekly SPA!)
Broadcasting station : TX, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ

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