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October 26, 2017

"Tokyo drama Award 2017"
TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day drama special plan "hagoku" [Best Picture Award <single-engine drama section > We win grand prix]!
Drama 24 "supporting players" [Best Picture Award <serial drama section > We win excellent prize]!
TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day drama special plan "hagoku" (c) TV TOKYO 

Drama 24 "supporting players" (c) "supporting players" production Committee

 TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day drama special plan "hagoku" which broadcasted in TV TOKYO on Wednesday, April 12, this year (the lead : Beat Takeshi) is Best Picture Award <single-engine drama section of main event "Tokyo drama Award 2017" of "international drama Festival in TOKYO" > We won no Grand Prix. Winning the prize of TV TOKYO of "Tokyo drama Award 2012" "do not give up tomorrow...Since longest sun ... of newspaper publisher - Kahoku Shimpo-sha in debris, it becomes the second time.
 "hagoku" Oh, we win the grand prix in drama of TV TOKYO as work which may be popular in world market for the first time in "MIPCOM BUYERS' AWARD for Japanese Drama" in international TV trade fair MIPCOM 2017 of world's largest scale performed in France Cannes on this month 17.

 In addition, drama 24 "supporting players" which we broadcasted in TV TOKYO coolly in this January are Best Picture Award <serial drama sections of "Tokyo drama Award 2017" > We won excellent prize. As for the receiving a prize of the prize, consecutive following "fishing fool diary - new employee Hamasaki Japanese roulette ..." of "Tokyo drama Award 2016" "aoihonoo" of "Tokyo drama Award 2015" three years.

 We are more likely to be able to sell Japanese drama "which we want to show in not only height of quality of work but also" world to concept in world standards abroad, and "Tokyo drama Award 2017" becoming the tenth commends excellent TV drama said to that there is value from aspect of business for this time. Commercial broadcasting ream and NHK play a key role, and it is prize that person "oneself concerned with" picture production such as program production production, filmmaker, person of demonstration group plays a key role and chooses.

[TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day drama special plan "hagoku"]
 1942. Information that lifer, Seitaro Sakuma (Takayuki Yamada) broke out of prison in Akita that prison guard, manager of Kosuge prison, Susumu Urata (Beat Takeshi) was ever in charge of enters. It was obedient only in Urata, but hagoku is dangerous person whom we worked as in Aomori. However, three months later, we say when we want that Sakuma appears in front of Urata, and prison guard of tyrannical Akita to appeal. However, Urata reports, and Sakuma is confined in prison to Abashiri prison. Transfer was decided as chief guard of Abashiri, and, in Urata, fight of two people also began - - in this way.

On airdate : Night of April 12, 2017 from 9:00 to 11:18
Appearance : Beat Takeshi, Takayuki Yamada others
Script : Shunsaku Ikehata
Producer : Toshihiko Tabuchi (TV TOKYO), Kawamura Shoji (TV TOKYO), Atsuya Asano (doh re-max television), Yasuhito Tachibana (doh re-max television)

◆ "hagoku" Beat Takeshi comment starring
 Photography was very great, but work catches splendid evaluation in sequence and is pleased very much.
This is all thing by power of staff. Congratulations.

◆ "hagoku" Program producer Toshihiko Tabuchi comment
 This prize of drama heard that made, and was chosen by hand. We think that we might have you evaluate "trouble to make" in this sense. As for Shunsaku Ikehata of script, multilayer-like story is characteristic while making use of good original. We began in art production, clothes and small tools, hairstyle, and "it was faithful in the times", and, up to light condition at the time, the staff was particular. When performers survived photography in place of severe cold including Abashiri and Nagano well, head falls down. The grand picture beauty in deference to "temporal axes" of Sakae, Fukagawa Hiroshi of supervision was wonderful. When accumulation of them of "it is careful" and "it is honest" led to reality called underlying "things and seriousness for way of life" of drama "hagoku", we are convinced. This receiving a prize is gift of effort of people concerned. Thank you.

[drama 24 "supporting players ... do if six excellent supporting actors live in share house ..."]
 As "terrace house of uncle" which six of excellent supporting role that is indispensable to Japanese movie, drama world appear in the part of person, and lives a life jointly is shu metayuru shibukomedi by topic. Six people who received offer of large drama from video transmission site of China are requests from supervision, and story begins from place that "lives a life jointly in share house for three months to deepen bond by the making of position". However, withdrawal of Koji Yakusho who is the important leading role becomes clear, and uneasiness increases. In fact, stiffness remained for these six people, work with ten years ago.... Truth and falsehood naimazeno unique work that vigor state as actor has a glimpse while getting over various troubles and gets.

On airdate : From January 13, 2017 to March 31, 2017 middle of the night of every Friday 0:12 ...
Appearance : Kennichi Endo Ren Osugi Tomoro Taguchi Susumu Terajima Yutaka Matsushige Ken Mitsuishi (a i u e o order) kitako*
Supervision, script : Daigo Matsui
Supervision : Yokohama Satoko, Kentaro Takemura, shushitabinko
Script : fujikimitsu hiko, Takeshi Miyamoto
Producer chief : Futoshi Asano (TV TOKYO)
Producer : Hama Valley Koichi (TV TOKYO), Hayato Tanabe (TV TOKYO), Atsuya Asano (doh re-max television)

◆ "Supporting players" program producer Hama Valley Koichi comment
 Among super luxurious dramas, we are surprised that "supporting players" called unique product won in the TV Tokyo middle of the night. It was that excellent supporting players suggested lot let alone performance on contents surface, and it became interesting, and we loved them, and the gorgeousness cast that there was many was pleasant, and plan appeared to several times. We keenly realize now when charm of product is charm of actor. And painful effort and humor of the staff including Manager Matsui of doh re-max television and new star that we made an effort for for work by profit disregard...We show respect with thanks on this occasion. Thank you!

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