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October 20, 2017

TV TOKYO "hagoku" wins the "MIPCOM BUYERS' AWARD for Japanese Drama" grand prix!

 Award ceremony of "MIPCOM BUYERS'AWARD for Japanese Drama" (mipukomu buyers award four Japanese drama) which elected excellence work which was used from drama of each broadcast station of Japan worldwide in international TV show Exhibition MIPCOM 2017 of world's largest scale held in France Cannes was performed on Tuesday, October 17 in local time, and "hagoku" broadcasted in TV TOKYO on Wednesday, April 12, this year (the lead: Beat Takeshi) won the grand prix. We come to do grand prix receiving a prize of TV TOKYO work for the first time.

 We publicize superior drama of Japan by having we watch Japanese drama, and influential buyer of all the countries of the world which Reed MIDEM (lead midemu) company hosting the international trade fair recommends select, and "MIPCOM BUYERS'AWARD for Japanese Drama" is intended that we convey charm of Japanese drama to visitors in award ceremony to hold more in MIPCOM. Enforce this prize in 2009 as "international drama Festival in TOKYO" and cooperation business with MIPCOM, at this time of the eighth become held.

 Residence in Tokyo TV five companies and WOWOW, seven companies of NHK in total each become judge of own drama work which we recommended for, and buyer of all the countries of the world which Reed MIDEM company recommends selects the prize. Selection standard "work which may be sold in world market" "work which want to buy as buyer." We examine according to item, and the grand prix is given for 1 work which got the highest total understanding.

 Drama "hagoku" for the first time in Beat Takeshi three years starring was broadcasted as drama special plan of TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day in from 21:00 to 23:18 on Wednesday, April 12, this year. We drew fight of prison guard of absoluteness and worst-ever jailbreak criminal with fierce human being drama which we challenged in the casts such as Takayuki Yamada others Hikari Mitsushima, Yo Yoshida, Isao Hashizume.

 We sold program of genre ranging from animation, drama, variety to documentary to world broadcasting station in TV TOKYO. In late years, in delivery platform of each place, we wrestle for "program format sale" to remake plan and drama of "near simultaneous delivery" and variety show which there is not of most time differences after the broadcast in Japan locally positively and send high quality program, contents to all the countries of the world. We receive this receiving a prize and will promote business development to foreign countries still more in future.

※There was announcement of prizewinner after entry work of each station was introduced on Tuesday, October 17 on the MIPCOM second day, and commemorative shield was given the TV TOKYO person concerned. 

"MIPCOM BUYERS'AWARD for Japanese Drama" (mipukomu buyers award four Japanese drama)
[the grand prix] 
TV TOKYO "hagoku"
Airdate: April 12, 2017
Appearance: Beat Takeshi, Takayuki Yamada others
Script: Shunsaku Ikehata
Producer: Toshihiko Tabuchi (TV TOKYO), Kawamura Shoji (TV TOKYO), Atsunari Asano (doh re-max television),
Yasuhito Tachibana (doh re-max television)
Direction: Shigehiro Fukagawa

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