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October 6, 2017

"Eye cutlet!" "Older brother shines" particularly urgent plan of the fifth anniversary of the series; "eye cutlet! "Series one action delivery! ~ "eye cutlet for theater! First delivery ... including "
 "Eye cutlet!" which started broadcast at 19:00 on October 7, 2012 . In commemoration of the broadcast launch fifth anniversary, animation delivery service of TV TOKYO is "older brother shines"; "eye cutlet!" With the number of the selection talks of each series season, it was fixed that one action delivered TV special program, live theater version.
 At October 7, 2017 19:00 "eye cutlet!" We start one action delivery from place to deliver Episode 1 on the date and time same as five years ago! "Eye cutlet!" for 5 years We send various picture works of series in chronological order.
 "Eye cutlet for theater!" "Eye cutlet! Give to theater exhibition 2 work of music Award, "eye cutlet for theater! The super star shrine strawberry Festival eve! !""Theater version eye cutlet Stars! Public commemorative "eye cutlet for theater!" The first net delivers "super star shrine strawberry Festival" and connected baton.
 Furthermore, the live concert that was held in this March "STAR ☆ ANIS & AIKATSU ☆ STARS! Eye cutlet! Picture of music Festa 2017 Day2 2017.3.26 PACIFICO YOKOHAMA becomes the first public exhibition.
 "Eye cutlet!" It is present with all thanks from "older brother shine" for all of you supporting series all the time.

■ The delivery date and time (plan) ※Please see "older brother shine" at detailed time

Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 19:00 to 25:00
 Eye cutlet! One or two quarters (for each seven selections)

8th Sunday From 13:00 to 23:30
 Eye cutlet! The third (three selections)
 Eye cutlet for theater! The super star shrine strawberry Festival eve!
 The eye cutlet Stars for theater! Public memory
 "Eye cutlet for theater! "" Super star shrine strawberry Festival "and baton which is connected
 Eye cutlet! The third (six selections)
 Eye cutlet! Music Award
 Eye cutlet! The fourth (seven selections)

9th Monday From 13:00 to 23:00
 The eye cutlet Stars! One or two quarters (for each eight selections)
 Eye cutlet of all! It is ... long version on seeing dream by light of ... star
 Eye cutlet! Music Festa 2017 Day2

"Older brother is embarrassed" TV TOKYO animation delivery service 

・ Service that TV TOKYO started service from April 1, 2017 with unlimited animation
・ Animation more than 200 titles, 10,000 episodes is free to see
・ Service that is full of member invitation to animation event, goods present, contents about animation such as animation news publication as well as delivery of the main story of animation.
※Corresponding terminal : PC, smartphone tablet
※Subscribing (e-mail address, credit card) is necessary.
※This service is online video, information distribution service of monthly basis charging system. Contract with Internet service provider necessary for Internet connection and portable carrier and charge separately of customer burden, and communication fee suffers separately. 
※It becomes service for Japanese country. You cannot see video abroad.

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