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August 30, 2017

Original program which the luxurious cast of TV animation "iyokaishokudo" sends "is dinner in iyokaishokudo! "Older brother shines" and delivers "exclusively!

 Original program which the luxurious casts of TV animation "iyokaishokudo" during popular broadcast appear in TV TOKYO others from July, 2017 "is dinner in iyokaishokudo! It was decided that animation delivery service of TV TOKYO delivered "in "older brother shine".

 By original program, Suwabe treating visitor from iyokai, Uesaka of the part of aretta working as waitperson, three people of Onishi of the part of black usually carry out long-awaited gourmet location in the part of storekeeper of "cat of western dishes". With time machine 3 of comedian, "iyokai is gourmet at well-known store in the reality world not iyokai? We fully talk about charm of animation while thoroughly enjoying ". Even as for katsudon, the TV animation including beef stew, familiar cooking comes up, but there "iyokaishokudo". It is not just katsudon, beef stew!
On earth what kind of gourmet report is developed? Never without passing over!

■ Program name      "It is dinner in iyokaishokudo! "
■ Delivery sun       The first : Daytime of Friday, September 15 12:00 ...
         The second : Daytime of Friday, September 22 12:00 ...
■ Appearance          Junichi Suwabe (the part of storekeeper), Sumire Uesaka (the part of aretta), Saori Onishi (the part of black)
         MC time machine 3
■ Delivery site     "Older brother is embarrassed" TV TOKYO ( 
                            ※Paid sign-in (monthly basis 700 yen) of "older brother shine" is necessary to have you watch

"Older brother is embarrassed" TV TOKYO animation delivery service 
・ Service that TV TOKYO started service from April 1, 2017 with unlimited animation
・ For monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded), animation more than 200 titles is free to see
・ Service that is full of member invitation to animation event, goods present, contents about animation such as animation news publication as well as delivery of the main story of animation.

※Correspondence terminal : PC, smartphone tablet
※Sign-in (e-mail address, credit card) is necessary.
※This service is online video, information distribution service of monthly basis charging system. Contract with Internet service provider necessary for Internet connection and mobile carrier and charge separately of visitor burden, and communication fee hangs separately. 
※It becomes service for Japanese country. You cannot see video abroad.

Monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded)

TV animation "iyokaishokudo" summary
[on airdate]
Middle of the night of every Monday 1:35 ...
Under broadcast popular in TV TOKYO others

Storekeeper : Junichi Suwabe
aretta : Sumire Uesaka
Black : Saori Onishi others

The original : Flat Atsushi Inuzuka (hero library / SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.)
Original illustration : Katsumi Enami
Supervision, series constitution : The Akira Jinbo up
Character design : Takao Sano, Keiichi Sano
Animation production : SILVER LINK.

Opening theme : Wake Up, May'n!
Ending theme : yasuyakiyo*

© Atsushi Inuzuka flat SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. / "iyokaishokudo" production Committee

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