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July 10, 2017

"Older brother shines", and the first live streaming decides TV TOKYO animation delivery service!
 "Make noise event to send in the luxurious casts held in Maihama amphitheater on Sunday, July 23, TV animation "Ψ (rhinoceros) shortage of Saiki Kusu male" special event ...! It decided PK school culture Ψ ... of midsummer that animation delivery service of TV TOKYO delivered exclusive live for member in "older brother shine" from 17:00.
 Toward the fan who cannot go to visit fan, event that ticket was not able to purchase, we send picture with a sense of reality that "older brother is embarrassed", and is in the place by live streaming.

■ Event : "Make noise TV animation "Ψ difficulty of Saiki Kusu male" special event ...! PK school culture Ψ ~ of midsummer"
       "Older brother is embarrassed"; exclusive live streaming
■ Date : Sunday, July 23 17:00 ... (plan) 
 After the live streaming, the time-shift seeing and hearing is possible for one week
■ Delivery site : "Older brother is embarrassed" TV TOKYO (
 In addition, paid, subscribing of "older brother shine" (monthly basis 700 yen) is necessary to have you watch

With this delivery as a start, we plan live streaming of event in "older brother shine" regularly.

That "older brother shine"; ...
Service that TV TOKYO started service from April 1, 2017 with unlimited animation.
For monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded), animation more than 100 titles, 10,000 episodes is free to see.
Service that is full of member invitation to animation event, goods present, contents about animation such as animation news publication as well as delivery of the main story of animation.

TV TOKYO older brother shine
Monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded)
※Corresponding terminal : PC, smartphone tablet
※Subscribing (e-mail address, credit card) is necessary.
※This service is online video, information distribution service of monthly basis charging system. Contract with Internet service provider necessary for Internet connection and portable carrier and charge separately of customer burden, and communication fee suffers separately. 
※It becomes service for Japanese country. You cannot see video abroad.

"Make noise TV animation "Ψ difficulty of Saiki Kusu male" special event ...! PK school culture Ψ ~ of midsummer"
It is open Ψ in - Maihama amphitheater at 17:00 on Sunday, July 23
There is talk to recite selected episode from all animation 120 episodes by the luxurious casts, and there is reading drama, for two hours (plan) of convulsions uproar that there is game in. Furthermore, as for the serious announcement concerning animation?
 ※Contents may be changed.
© Shuichi Aso / Shueisha, PK school


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