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May 11, 2017

We are broadcasting - in TV TOKYO system at 0:12 on the middle of the night of every Friday!
Drama 24 "gourmet of loneliness" series LINE formula stamp release!
170511.jpgFan expectation! LINE stamp of "gourmet of loneliness" releases drama 24 and starts!
Stamp which is full of expressions of Goro Inogashira is all 40 kinds!

TV TOKYO Corporation and TV TOKYO Communications Corporation started release of LINE formula stamp of TV drama "gourmet of loneliness" series during - broadcast at 0:12 on the middle of the night of every Friday.
It is lineup with all 40 kinds that we fully packed with various expressions and messages of main character, Goro Inogashira!
More unique stamps help your conversation and do drama 24 broadcasting in TV TOKYO system now while broadcast of "gourmet Season6 of loneliness" shows upsurge more and more!

Delivery stamp summary
TV drama "gourmet of loneliness" LINE stamp
[delivery application]  LINE (   [price] 240 yen (tax-included) or 100 in
▽ LINE STORE (reading is possible only with ※ iPhone / Android / PC.) 
※When we access with stamp shop, PC when we access with smartphone, it changes automatically to LINESTORE.
(LINE STORE is available for reading at iPhone / Android terminal installing LINE. )

Program summary
Program formula Twitter :
Program formula Facebook :
Program formula LINE account : "Gourmet Season6 of loneliness" (ID : Search that is @tx_kodokugurume6)!
"Gourmet of loneliness" portal site :

Program name : Drama 24 "gourmet Season6 of loneliness"
On airdate : Under middle of the night of every Friday 0:12 broadcast
Appearance : Yutaka Matsushige
The original : "Gourmet of loneliness" product / Masayuki Kusumi, image / Jiro Taniguchi (weekly SPA!)
Broadcasting station : TV TOKYO, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, Television Aichi, Television Osaka, TV setouchi, TVQ Kyushu broadcast
※Only Television Osaka is broadcasting at Monday late at night 0:12

TV TOKYO press bureau public relations department
TV TOKYO communications spokesman

Image copyright : ©Masayuki Qusumi,Jiro Taniguchi,FUSOSHA/ TV TOKYO / TV TOKYO Communications

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