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April 3, 2017

"Older brother is embarrassed", and animation information site of TV TOKYO is open at last on April 1!
Broadcast animation passing over delivery is decided one after another in April. Broadcast precedent delivery "older brother is embarrassed"; as for the precedent delivery!

"Older brother shine" was reborn animation information site where we sent information of animated show of TV TOKYO to at 12:00 on Saturday, April 1!

 Including delivery with one pair of early "precedence passing over delivery" and Takumi Saito leading TV TOKYO animation's first broadcast with much-talked-about "darkness illustrated book of the world" in storytellers than other delivery service of "BORUTO - bolt - NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS" "snack world" starting broadcast from April send to by lineup only by "older brother shine".
 About passing over delivery "Pocket Monster sun & moon" "pull than Gintama ...! We do including Gintama ... and plan delivery of 15 program degree.
 In addition, very popular animation "beast friends" of cool broadcast and the old and the new including archive delivery of past masterpiece animation interlace in January and deliver a lot.
 We add original contents, member-limited event one after another and will aim at service to be satisfied with by all of you in future.

 Targeting at people whom paid member gave registration to more in April "eye cutlet!" , "oso Matsu" "beast friends" "trinity seven" "nonnombiyori" "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F, "feeble pedal NEW GENERATION" carries out campaign presenting original mobile battery of TV TOKYO popularity 8 work such as "different world life that Re begins from zero" without exception.

New service of TV TOKYO, please use "older brother shine" at this opportunity.

Service for <pay members >
Monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded) Saturday, April 1 12:00 service start!

Main service
■ Passing over delivery of animation broadcasting in TV TOKYO 
■ Animated show broadcasted in TV TOKYO is free to see
■ We are going to produce original work
  *"Beast friends" original contents deliver and are decided!
■ Original electron comics of animation during broadcast are readable (service introduction plan)
■ Screening society, advance reservation and invitation of animation-related event including live
■ "Older brother is embarrassed" and presents limited goods
■ We are going to add animation news publication, function of formation type channel delivery
 ※Corresponding terminal : PC, smartphone tablet
 ※Subscribing (e-mail address, credit card) is necessary.
 ※This service is online video, information distribution service of monthly basis charging system. Contract with Internet service provider necessary for Internet connection and portable carrier and charge separately of customer burden, and communication fee suffers separately. 
 ※It becomes service for Japanese country. You cannot see video abroad.

Enrollment privilege (you can choose either following A B)
A. Free * enrollment mon and monthly basis costs of the next month become free for monthly basis charge two months.
B. "Older brother is embarrassed" and presents limited mobile battery
 Specially made mobile battery of design you like is presented by title of following eight!
"Eye cutlet!" , "oso Matsu" "beast friends" "trinity seven" "nonnombiyori" "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F "feeble pedal NEW GENERATION" "different world life to begin from zero Re"

("older brother is embarrassed" popular title specially made mobile battery example)
Trinity seven
© Saitoh Kenji, naokotoku /KADOKAWA/ trinity seven production Committee 

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F 
© aikuumanta, SB something like / production Committee F creative that it is hard to describe

※Design is under development. Real design has different possibility.

Main work lineup
■ TV TOKYO animation is naive! Delivery precedent ahead of television transmission
"World darkness illustrated book"
We broadcast and start at 3:35 in TV TOKYO on the middle of the night of Sunday, April 2!
We deliver at - Episode 1, the two episodes same time at 12:00 on Monday, April 3 and start (delivery precedent after ※ Episode 2)
We appoint Takumi Saito as storyteller! Picture-story show-style animation to describe in drawing of comic with a realistic narrative touch that there is nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa era under the theme of UFO, UMA, spell, ancient civilization, the different dimension world, mysterious case

■ Precedent passing over delivery that is earlier than other delivery service
"Snack world"
We broadcast and start at 7:25 p.m. in TV TOKYO system on Thursday, April 13! 
- delivery starts just after broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 13 
The cross media project fourth following "Yo-Kai Watch"

We broadcast and start at 5:55 in TV TOKYO system on the evening of Wednesday, April 5! 
Broadcast next day Thursday, April 6 12:00 - delivery start 
We describe achievement of son "eddy bolt" of flicker, naruto for the sequel seventh generation of "NARUTO - naruto - gale biography" 

■ Passing over delivery decision!
"Pull than Gintama ...! Gintama ~"
We broadcast and start at 1:35 in TV TOKYO system on the middle of the night of Sunday, April 2!  
(only in Television Osaka middle of the night of Monday, April 3 1:05 ...)
Tuesday, April 4 12:00 - delivery start 
"Gintama" which much-talked-about live-action film version releases in July. We give interview of the live-action film casts to the number of the stories that selected carefully from conventional animation and broadcast

"The Natsume's Book of Friends land"
We broadcast and start at 1:35 in TV TOKYO on the middle of the night of Tuesday, April 11!  
Ahead of broadcast of animation, we broadcast super luxurious broadcast memory pe sharu in commemoration of the sixth broadcast on Tuesday, April 4!
Monday, April 17 12:00 - delivery start 
The sixth of series that went to the Midori River, and made popular comics of the original into anime

"Pocket Monster sun & moon"
Under broadcast popular with 6:55 p.m. in TV TOKYO system every Thursday! 
- delivery starts just after broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 6 
The most new item of "Pocket Monster" which reached the broadcast launch 20th anniversary of animation on April 1 series

Other passing over work lineups (plan) ※The order of the kana syllabary
・ Idol X soldier miracle chunzu!
・ animemashite
・ Ultra man zero THE CHRONICLE
・ Royal Family teacher Heine
・ dejimonyunibasuapurimonsutazu
・ Puzzle & Dragons cross
・ Future card Buddy fight X
・ Romance tyrant
・ Yo-Kai Watch

■ Others are important; is going to deliver; title (※ order of the kana syllabary during start time April)
・ Inazuma Eleven series
・ oso Matsu
・ Girl friend (provisionally)
・ Gintama series
・ Beast friends
・ Ψ difficulty of Saiki Kusu male
・ Shirokuma Cafe
・ Aggression! Squid daughter series
・ Slayers series
・ A series of diagram
・ Corrugated cardboard military secret series
・ Trinity seven
・ NARUTO - naruto -
・ Go of Hikaru
・ Darkness play series
・ yuruyuri series

Others schedule delivery title more one after another

TV TOKYO press bureau public relations department

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