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March 21, 2017

We renew "TV TOKYO business on-demand" screen entirely
... rekomendo functional enhancement, double speed reproduction and social login are ... for possibility, too
 Flat rate streaming service "TV TOKYO business on-demand" which could watch economic news program of "world business satellite" and TV TOKYO including "the daybreak of Gaia" with smartphone and PC anywhere anytime renewed Web screen entirely. We introduced new function and largely improved convenience.
 Screen raises list characteristics and improves convenience and strengthens "recommendation" to choose contents that matched preference of user automatically, and to display function. In addition, it is equipped with convenient double speed function newly when we are busy (note: limitation function only for the seeing and hearing with PC). Furthermore, we introduced free of charge registration function that some contents and services were available to and social login function that there was easily new use registration in account of SNS newly even if we did not become paid member.
 You reach the service start fourth anniversary, and please try which became more and more convenient "on-demand TV TOKYO business".

Point of renewal
■Top page where "best recommended" is easy to choose contents to want to see including "new" "ranking" as
 Top page displays "the best recommended contents" in large banner in top. Furthermore, contents of popularity set thumbnail according to category including "ranking" that it is revealed at first sight, and "recommendation" to display contents to preference of user "new video" improves list of characteristics. User becomes easy to choose contents to own interest.
 Individual page every program renovates screen, too. We are doing for screen constitution to display lineup and related video, recommended contents clearly.
 We adopt resuponshibudezain newly. Even smartphone is PC, but put together, and even tablet is most suitable for screen size every terminal which user uses automatically; can display.
■Double speed reproduction function that is convenient when we are busy
 We do not have busy time.... We introduced double speed reproduction function that was convenient for such a case newly. In addition to reproduction at speed, we can usually choose reproduction in 1.3 double speed and 1.5 double speed. (note is function that we limited to the seeing and hearing by browser of PC. Some browsers are non-compliant. Not available at smartphone and tablet terminal)
■"It is recommended" and strengthens function
 We strengthen "recommendation" to display contents that matched preference of user function. rekomendoenjin analyzes contents that are popular among other users whom past seeing and hearing history and preference are close in and displays the most suitable contents from enormous past programs. It is convenient function to omit trouble that user looks for, and to tell about "contents that you should see" automatically.
■Trial simple by free registration and social login
 We introduce newly free registration function. Free, a part of "TV TOKYO business on-demand" including reading such as e-mail magazine to tell about advantageous information such as event invitations and the latest contents information and "Cumbria palace where reads, and knows"'s original contents and service is available.
 We introduce social login function at the same time. If there are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! JAPAN, account of Google, we can easily log in. At first you register by social login free and try, and would you like to use whether you register pay if at a loss?
"TV TOKYO business on-demand" summary
[service summary]
・Membership system pay streaming service / monthly basis 500 yen (tax-excluded)
・Can watch; device: PC, smartphone, tablet
※Program (as of February, 2017) which we are delivering now
・"World business satellite" (from every Monday to Friday 11:00 p.m.)
・"NEWS Morning satellite" (carry out / simultaneous simultaneous delivery at 5:45 a.m. for from every Monday to Friday)
・"M +11" (from every Monday to Friday 11:13 a.m.)
・"yuugata satellite" (from every Monday to Friday 4:54 p.m.)
・"Zipangu in future century" (every Monday 10:00 p.m.)
・"The daybreak of Gaia" (every Tuesday 10:00 p.m.)
・"Cumbria palace" (every Thursday 10:00 p.m.)
In addition, we are delivering "Ikegami world of Sunday evening" and news special program

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