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March 13, 2017

"Older brother is embarrassed", and animation information site of TV TOKYO starts paid member service from April!
"It is where anytime for 24 hours, but! Of animation fan "watched, answer to be"

 "Older brother shine" is reborn animation information site sending information of animated show of TV TOKYO to on Saturday, April 1! It is power-up by original contents to start newly paid member service, and to be seen only in with unlimited service of animated show and "older brother shine", various contents including event invitation!
 We start prior registration on Monday, March 13 on homepage. Paid one that had you subscribe has chance to get luxurious present (as for the paid sign-in from Saturday, April 1). In addition, even TV TOKYO booth of "Anime Japan2017" held in Tokyo Big Sight on Sunday on Saturday, March 25 and 26th carries out prior registration. Venue-limited can badge is presented by the first arrival by one that had you register in venue! Please use at this opportunity!

<service for paid members> 
Monthly basis 700 yen (tax-excluded) Saturday, April 1 12:00 service start!
"Older brother is embarrassed"; prior registration site:
■Passing over delivery of animation broadcasting in TV TOKYO 
■Animated show broadcasted in TV TOKYO is free to see
■We are going to produce original work
 *"Beast friends" original contents deliver and are decided!
■Original comics of animation broadcasting are readable (service introduction plan)
■Advance reservation and invitations of animation allied event such as screening events
 *April 6 "national great High School Baseball Championship screening festival of oso Matsu spring" others 
■Older brother is embarrassed and presents limited goods
■We plan animation news publication, function addition of formation type channel delivery
※Corresponding terminal: PC, smartphone tablet
※Subscribing (e-mail address, credit card) is necessary.
※This service is online video, information distribution service of monthly basis charging system. Contract with Internet service provider necessary for Internet connection and portable carrier and charge separately of customer burden, and communication fee suffers separately. 
※It becomes service for Japanese country. You cannot see video abroad.

Enrollment privilege (you can choose either following A B)
 A. Free * enrollment mon and fee of the next month become free for two months.
 B. "Older brother is embarrassed" and presents limited mobile battery
 Specially made mobile battery of design you like is presented by title of following eight!
"oso Matsu" "different world life to begin from zero Re" "chicken pedal NEW GENERATION" "eye cutlet!" ,
"Beast friends" "trinity seven" "nonnombiyori" "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F"

[Anime Japan information]
We carry out prior registration in TV TOKYO booth of "Anime Japan2017" held in Tokyo BIC site on Sunday for from Saturday, March 25 to 26th. In one that had you register in venue, we present venue-limited original can badge (for each 2,000) of "oso Matsu" or "beast friends" to 4,000 people by the first arrival!
※As number is limited, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.
※Admission ticket (pay) is necessary for entrance of "Anime Japan2017" separately.
  (Anime Japan official site:

Canned "oso Matsu" original badge

ⓒFujio Akatsuka / oso Matsu production Committee

Canned "beast friends" original badge
ⓒBeast friends project A

※Image is image. It may be different from real product.

TV TOKYO press bureau public relations department

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