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March 3, 2017

"Scriptwriter, Tadashi Morishita of 3, Roppongi move project drama special Miyuki Miyabe suspense "imitation criminal" won association of the 19th screenwriter "Ryuzo Kikushima Prize", and awarding reason was announced from Tadashi Morishita by comment of joy and selection committee

<Kikushima Prize receiving a prize scriptwriter Tadashi Morishita comment>
It is prize that team "imitation criminal" gave to.   Tadashi Morishita

Have Writing - Screenplay - Original Award - - Ryuzo Kikushima Prize of picturized work which professional scriptwriter chooses, and is undeserved; is honored, and do not know what to do; nowadays. At first we thank people concerned deeply heartily.
"Imitation criminal" We did work in very comfortable environment on becoming no script. In addition, in picturization, we were impressed by professional work got united of the casts, the staff. For effort of supervisor and producers that various opinions and talent were collected all together, understanding that mind of author side was deep again, me was helped very much and was encouraged.
It is tamamono of splendor of completed work to have had Kikushima Prize choose. So, as prize that we had in work as one of team "imitation criminal", we will go to award ceremony.
Thank you. And thank you we would like continuously.

<awarding reason>
Association of the 19th screenwriter "Ryuzo Kikushima Prize" selection committee
Selection chairperson Kanji Kashiwabara

Ryuzo Kikushima prize is specific prize that scriptwriter chooses number one scenario of the year as.
"Imitation criminal" whom Tadashi Morishita was written to was really wonderful script.
This is because it was thing deserving to be number one scenario in 2016 including constitution power that gathered up splendor of human being observing eye that we write character of many characters attractively and distributed, story to get into complicatedly without being confused.
In 2016, movie was good harvest; as script which is professional as for "the imitation criminal" more than them it means that was splendid.

≪With Ryuzo Kikushima Prize≫
From script of all picture works announced in the year, scriptwriter chooses the superior work, and association of screenwriter "Ryuzo Kikushima Prize" honors the author. We found as thing conferred on "person who contributed to screenwriter activity" by the will of the deceased of Ryuzo Kikushima whom many superior works were left for in 1998. A lot of Writing - Screenplay - Original Award in prize for movie is top flight Writing - Screenplay - Original Award in the year when scriptwriter reads script, and thing which was selected after script was read chooses this prize without most while there is. There are existing prize for movie, place that is greatly different from Writing - Screenplay - Original Award. We count the 19th in this year. After preliminary selection fair that member of a selection committee elects nomination work several parts, we carry out exhibition selection fair and, in reference to questionnaire result by person concerned with member of association of Japanese screenwriter, industry, decide prizewinner, prize winner. Work targeted for selection assumes script of all announced picture works regardless of movie, TV in the previous year from December 1 a year. (except ※ serial drama, consecutive animation).

Works nominated for this time are as follows. (※ order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)
 Movie "anger" Shonichi Ri
 Movie "father and Ito" Hisako Kurosawa
 The movie "your name." Makoto Araumi
 Movie "Shin Godzilla" Hideaki Anno
 chumuragiyoreimokukenichi where movie "is den, interest!"
 Movie "guys who are the worst in Japan" Junnya Ikegami
 TV "imitation criminal first part, latter part" Tadashi Morishita
Member of a selection committee (honorific title abbreviation) of this year is six people of Kanji Kashiwabara (chairperson) Narito Kaneko (association of Japanese broadcast writer) shorinhiromeri髙sanyoshikikodenchukidaishinhen*hiko (last year prize winner).

<producer comment>
At first we celebrate to Morishita heartily. The original is megaflick of five pocket editions with large bestseller of that Miyuki Miyabe. Making this script of TV drama of previous latter part five hours of averageness think that did not work. Still script of this product which element only by Morishita was included in was really splendid without getting extract of the original out of order.
In addition, it is only slightly exciting as TV man that was done that it is receiving a prize in drama which the year was merely nominated for one along with representative movie. Morishita, really congratulations. And thank you.

TV TOKYO drama production department Junpei Nakagawa

<program summary>
Title 3, Roppongi move project drama special Miyuki Miyabe suspense "imitation criminal"
The broadcast date and time: First part night of Wednesday, September 21, 2016 from 9:00 to 11:18
        Latter part September 22, 2016 Thursday (holiday) from 9:00 p.m. to 11:24
Broadcasting station: Series of TV TOKYO (TX, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ)
Appearance: Miki Nakatani, Kentaro Sakaguchi, island Shinnosuke, Yusuke Yamamoto, Fumika Shimizu, *denryushin, Tetsuta Sugimoto, Yoshida steel Taro, Shigeru Muroi, Atsuko Takahata,
    Ittoku Kishibe, Isao Hashizume 
The original: Miyuki Miyabe "imitation criminal" (new tide library)
Script: Tadashi Morishita 
Supervision: Shu Matsuda intellect 
Music: Kan Sawada
Plan cooperation: Kazumasa Nakata (raccoon agency)
Producer: Jun Kurosawa, Tomoya Kanazawa, Shizukuishi Mizuho (tele pack)
Producer chief: Junpei Nakagawa (TV TOKYO)
Production: TV TOKYO tele pack

<association of the 19th screenwriter "Ryuzo Kikushima Prize" award ceremony, prize winner screening society>
■Date and time Monday, March 27, 2017
○Prize winner screening society from 10:30 to 15:15 (opening 10:00)
  Screening work: The Miyuki Miyabe suspense "imitation criminal" first part, the latter part (TV TOKYO)
 First part 10:30 - latter part 13:15 ...
○Award ceremony from 15:30 to 17:00 (opening 15:15)
○Talk session in award ceremony
 "Imitation criminal" no interview
  Guest: Tadashi Morishita
            Shu Matsuda intellect (director)
            Junpei Nakagawa (producer at TV TOKYO programming division drama production department)
    Chairmanship: Kota Yamada (scriptwriter)
○Application: View is possible in anyone. Free of charge. Reservation required (HP, telephone). First-come-first-served basis. 130 capacity.
○Meeting place: Euro live 1-5, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku KINOHAUS 2F

[reference about award ceremony]
Association of screenwriter secretariat Seki 
Telephone 03-3584-1901 HP: FAX 03-3584-1902

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