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February 10, 2017

"Almost approximately search for tsugikurumono ~ of ... midnight"
We jump out of program and "approximately almost hold festival"!
170210_3.jpgIt is "approximately approximately "approximately approximately holding by festival" event from we look for ... of tsugikuru of ... midnight" program broadcasting in TV TOKYO from 2:10 on the middle of the night of every Saturday in Toyosu PIT on Tuesday, March 14!
mo to meet Ryota Yamazato of Nankai Candies, Chinese bridge Yumi in MC, and to relax! We perform live performance of, predia, prosciutto ham and yaki udon! Furthermore, it is full of collecting secret stories? Of this as for talk corner, the contents only by event from program including special collaboration more than fences of group!

We start general sale at 10:00 by each ticket agency, TV TOKYO online ticket on Sunday, February 12.

<event summary>
It is approximately almost festival
[the date and time]  Tuesday, March 14, 2017 opening 18:30 start 19:30
[venue]  Toyosu PIT (6-1-23, Toyosu, Koutou-ku, Tokyo)
[performer] Ryota Yamazato (Nankai Candies), Chinese bridge Yumi, mo to relax! , predia, prosciutto ham and fried udon
[rate]  4,300 yen (it includes all freedom, tax)

<ticket information>
Sunday, February 12 10:00 - public beginning to sell
Ticket PIA  0570-02-9999 (P cord: 322-692)
Lawson ticket 0570-084-003 (L cord: 76591)
e+ (E plus) 

It is "approximately approximately festival" details

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