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February 3, 2017

"Future century Zipangu" "daybreak of Gaia" "Cumbria palace"
The latest time of 3 popular economic programs of TV TOKYO
As for "the net free delivery by TV Tokyo campaign" for a limited time!
 "Net delivers the latest time of 3 economic programs of "Cumbria palace" of popularity in TV TOKYO free in TV Tokyo campaign site at the "future century Zipangu" "daybreak of Gaia" only in period of from Monday, January 30, 2017 to Thursday, March 2, too". Please utilize one that person who has overlooked broadcast wants to look at once again by all means at this opportunity!
 In addition, we become free that 600 products videos more than follow more than each program 200 product including the past product of 3 programs in of paid streaming service "on-demand TV TOKYO business" in total and see without advertisement.
 Taking this occasion, look at broadcast times that became topic in the past by all means together.
■Delivery summary
<delivery site>
"TV Tokyo campaign as for the net"
 It is service that can watch program of TV TOKYO after the broadcast free for a certain period of time. Using PC and smartphone, tablet terminal, you can see program that it is from where and applies in Japan.
※On platform, we deliver the contents free as follows.
・Commercial broadcasting formula TV portal TVer:
・It is channel special page with a smile:
※On the following platforms, we deliver pay without advertisement including contents and the past product.
・On-demand TV TOKYO business:
170203_1.jpg      170203_2.jpg

<delivery period by "TV Tokyo campaign as for the net">
Monday, January 30, 2017 from 10:54 p.m. to the night of Thursday, March 2, 2,017 10:54
※Channel delivers GYAO! the next day the next day with a smile from 17:00 in noon, and company site, TVer starts just after closedown with each program.
※We deliver only the latest time with each program.

<delivery program>
"Future century Zipangu" 
 We are broadcasting in TV TOKYO system at 10:00 p.m. every Monday
 [MC] SHELLY, Reina Akimoto (TV TOKYO announcer) [narrator] Ippei Kanie

 We are broadcasting in TV TOKYO system at 10:00 p.m. every Tuesday
 [guide] Yosuke Eguchi [narrator] Tetta Sugimoto

 We are broadcasting in TV TOKYO system at 9:54 p.m. every Thursday
 [interviewer] Ryu Murakami, Eiko Koike [narrator] Hironari Takagawa

Fare> delivering as of <
For "future century Zipangu" Monday, January 30 broadcast
 [save crisis of Asia! Japan which does not succumb to terrorism]
 Japanese company makes a foray into booming developing country in sequence. However, risk is always accompanied there. It is "terrorist incident" which rose in Bangladesh in last July to have let you keenly realize it. When they faced crises such as terrorism, how does Japanese company move? Through crisis, we chase Japanese who has begun to move.
 [MC] SHELLY, Reina Akimoto (TV TOKYO announcer)
 [boiling navigator] Yasuhiro Goto [panelist] pakkun, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Chinami Suzuki

For "daybreak of Gaia" Tuesday, January 31 broadcast
 [we make "ultimate taste" with household appliances! ... new rice cooker, coffee maker ...]
 Company which produced household appliances with novel idea and function came out while it was whispered that the household appliances industry of Japan did not have spirit. Rice cooker which produces rice of new texture that it is wrong "to be soft plumply." "barumyuda" which it was unprecedented electric fan and toaster to deal, and dealt with hot seller. And coffee maker of "Muji" to reproduce taste "of" professional of high-quality cafe faithfully. Challenge to make "ultimate taste" with household appliances began.
 [coverage] barumyuda / TSUTAYA ELECTRICS / Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. / TWINBIRD / Nikken shell mode / mikafeto
 [guide] Yosuke Eguchi [narrator] Tetta Sugimoto

For "Cumbria palace" Thursday, February 2 broadcast
 [by contribution of one meal of 20 yen to cancellation of obesity and starvation! Social work from Japan]
 Approximately 2 billion people have obesity and lifestyle-related disease by overeating led by developed country while approximately 1 billion people suffer from starvation by famine among approximately 7 billion people of the world population in developing country. It is TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) of NPO group to have stood up to solve disproportion of this "starvation" and "obesity".
 Structure of TFT is simple. Thing to have you cook low-calorie healthy cooking in company cafeteria or school canteen, and to allot 20 yen for support of school lunch (one meal of 20 yen) of developing country in the price. Groups introducing structure of TFT which began in 2007 continue increasing year by year, now in 650 groups. Based on the donation, we offered 43 million meals of lunch to overseas seven countries in these 9 years.
 Movement of social work TFT from Japan is beginning to spread through the world in various forms now.
 [guest] Representative from NPO corporation TABLE FOR TWO International Sadahisa Kogure
 [main interviewer] Ryu Murakami [assistant interviewer] Eiko Koike

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