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February 1, 2017

"TV TOKYO business on-demand," offer of continuation charging-response application starts
Correspondence, annual contract are ... in discount in ... App Store and Google Play for one month
 It started offer of new application corresponding to continuation charging in App Store and Google Play that we delivered economic news program of "world business satellite" and TV TOKYO including "the daybreak of Gaia" "on-demand TV TOKYO business".
 Conventionally, it was necessary for to acquire subscriber ID to use "on-demand TV TOKYO business", and choice to register the credit card settlement or the carrier settlement that mobile phone carrier (NTT DOCOMO, au) provides, but the new acquisition of subscriber ID and new registration of settlement method are not necessary for payment method that each user registers in App Store or Google Play when we download by new application as it is charged automatically.
 We can choose continuance among one month and two of one year. As for the rate, in the case of continuance one month, in the case of 500 yen, one year, annual contract becomes advantageous pricing for 5,500 yen for one month.
 Use contract by conventional subscriber ID is available as before, too.
 Unlike contract by subscriber ID, some services and functions including subscription of the seeing and hearing and e-mail magazine in Web browser are not available by this continuation charging-response application. (※ following ": comparison of contract with continuation charging application type and subscriber ID type reference" reference)

Please download application from App Store (in iPhone, iPad in the case of the use) or Google Play (at Android terminal in the case of the use).
・Registration of payment method in App Store or Google Play is necessary.
・In the case of the use, please read Terms of Use by all means.

You can contract with a choice of one of two following fee structures.
・Continuance one month: Monthly basis 500 yen (tax-included)
・Continuance one year: Annual sum 5,500 yen (tax-included)
(note: by sooner determination we cannot refund. Please be careful)

Reference: Comparison between continuation charging application model and contract with subscriber ID type
■Merit of continuation charging application type contract
▽New registration, acquisition procedure of subscriber ID is unnecessary
▽If payment method has been set in App Store or Google Play, new registration of payment method is unnecessary
▽Continuance is available from two kinds of one month and one year. Pricing that one-year contract is advantageous for one month
■Merit of subscriber ID type contract
▽It is available in Web browser and both application (free copy)
▽We can receive delivery of e-mail magazine to tell about present plans
▽In the case of new registration, participation first mon is available free
※As it is extra contract, charging when members who have already contracted with conventional subscriber ID type use continuation charging correspondence application, please be careful.

"TV TOKYO business on-demand" summary
[service summary]
・Membership system pay streaming service
・Can watch; device: PC, smartphone, tablet
※Program (as of February, 2017) which we are delivering now
・"World business satellite" (from every Monday to Friday 11:00 p.m.)
・"NEWS Morning satellite" (carry out / simultaneous simultaneous delivery at 5:45 a.m. for from every Monday to Friday)
・"M +11" (from every Monday to Friday 11:13 a.m.)
・"yuugata satellite" (from every Monday to Friday 4:54 p.m.)
・"Zipangu in future century" (every Monday 10:00 p.m.)
・"The daybreak of Gaia" (every Tuesday 10:00 p.m.)
・"Cumbria palace" (every Thursday 10:00 p.m.)
In addition, we are delivering "Ikegami world of Sunday evening" and news special program

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