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January 6, 2017

In the one that person whom we overlooked wants to see once again...YOU CAN SYILL MAKE IT!
"Net is delivering special program which we broadcasted for the year-end and New Year holidays by TV Tokyo campaign free, too"!
 "Net delivers special program which we broadcasted for these year-end and New Year holidays other than regular delivery program in TV TOKYO free for a limited time in TV Tokyo campaign site, too". Person who has overlooked broadcast, please enjoy one that you want to look at once again by all means at this opportunity!

■List of programs during delivery

"Story SP - Takeshi story 2016 ~ of chimata"
(December 27, 2016 broadcast)
★Delivery until Tuesday, January 10
Industry uproar! Year-end SP of crane bottle VS Takeshi! Takeshi and crane bottle are daily limited combinations on the stage of Asakusa! Guerrilla live miraculous in Asakusa! Severe criticism last-minute in SMAP dissolution & Bunshun gun & drug problem & Koike metropolitan government!
[appearance] Shofukutei Tsurube [guest] Beat Takeshi [the narration] Yoshikazu Ebisu

"Where did Japanese come from?"
(December 28, 2016 broadcast)
★Delivery until Friday, January 27
We proceed to cave of Okinawa where hook considered to belong to the world oldest was excavated and think about living of the ancients. And we realize rowers and interchange of island, the hot thought and project that still continues in Yonagunijima which became starting point of grass ship and convey this "adventure documentary".
[navigator] Yoshiko Miyazaki

"TV SP to say expressly"
(Television Osaka /2016 12 a year 28 days a month broadcast)
★Delivery until Tuesday, January 10
It is Tokyo to have come over to meet people that there were various kinds of Muramoto & maggi in 2016 in the messenger Kuroda & woman rush hour. Is it explosion that "escape shame" singer is dissatisfied with? To that YouTuber whom Maggie dislikes "OH! MY! GOD!" It is battled against Kabuki actor talk gesu Muramoto, more!
[appearance] Tamotsu Kuroda (messenger), Daisuke Muramoto (the woman rush hour), maggi
[guest] Eighth generation Shikan Nakamura, KABA-chan, Hiroyuki Nishimura (person of establishment), tea orchid po lantern, keshan, Kaburagi (the self-styled oldest YouTuber)
© Television Osaka

"Super junk SUMMERS SP"
(December 29, 2016 broadcast)
★Delivery until Thursday, January 12
Towards Tsurumaki Onsen...SUMMERS participates in trip of singing contest! We select carefully with shocking videos! Annual MV junk is decided! That person who does not stop by breaks into, and large hustle & thought sings "voice of the sea" emotionally in vaunted voice very much in mixed bathing hot spring, too?
[performer] SUMMERS (Kazuki Otake, Mimura Masakazu), Kazuya Kojima (anjasshu), Eiko Kano [guest] Ikumi Hisamatsu, Ai Okawa

"May we charge?"
(January 1, 2017 broadcast)
★Delivery until Sunday, January 15
Human empathy that Tetsuro Degawa goes for in "train movement motorcycle" is reliant; trip! It is Miura Peninsula & Boso Peninsula guru tto one round 230 kilos from Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu to Mt. Narita! Electric motorcycle that partner of trip can run 20 kilos in full charge of approximately two hours! It is rule of trip to borrow power supply somewhere if I cut charge. Can you pray at Mt. Narita safely in 3 days and 2 nights?
[appearance] Tetsuro Degawa [guest rider] Ryuhei Ueshima (ostrich club), Yoshikazu Ebisu

"Book, appearance shitokimasune SP"
(BS Japan /2017 one a year two days a month broadcast)
★Delivery until Monday, January 9
It is talk about "words" that Audrey Wakabayashi makes the Akutagawa Prize, four Naoki Prize writers guest and was worried about in 2016 and "thing that we want to hear each other"! Is it confession for the true intention to next-generation novelist? Is AI scary? We make use of "PPAP" in novel?...We dig into every topic! Furthermore, four people recommend "one book which is recommended to person weak in book" and "one book which was interesting though we are annoyed"!
[MC] Masayasu Wakabayashi (Audrey) [guest] Asai Ryo, Kanako Nishi, Sayaka Murata, Risa Wataya
©BS Japan

"NEO decisive battle variety King SP"
(January 2, 2017 broadcast)
★Delivery until Monday, January 9
That popular plan comes up as beginning of the year special program again! ▼Both guest and Daigo do what they wants to do? Sadness of the largest knob echoes through YOMIURI LAND in history! Of "knob let grieve King" ▼ writer break shell! kinkon Nishino of "assuming the air of" peace Matayoshi and "writer worked as treated like" writer...A certain fate member keeps controlling two people by past program! "A Matayoshi & Nishino produce king"
[MC] Plover [assistant] Shizuka Nakamura 
[guest] Satoshi Fujimoto (FUJIWARA), Naoki Matayoshi (peace), Akihiro Nishino (King Kong), kukki (wild nature bomb), doh dragon, Kurosawa to rank as wear (Morisanchu), and Toshiyuki Itakura (impulse), Takashi Yoshimura (Heisei Nobushi Magnolia Kobus), Nana Suzuki, Asagaya sisters, Kohei well "pharaoh" light (fool as for you) of saraba youth, Aya Asahina are faint

"Entertainer true selection of poems manus special on the god tongue New Year"
(January 3, 2017 broadcast)
★Delivery until Tuesday, January 10
haraichi fool re-mo three! It is announced shock at & last by announcer Matsumaru...▼Him eye on Wednesday → To last form, shinhimu child! ▼Woman entertainer combination forward in Tsunoda band is studio uproar in figure which underwent a transfiguration that Goto is (secret) item to one piece in ▼ football hour in the last of shock, and hard dasasongu announcement ▼ theatrical company is alone created through misunderstanding of appearance ▼ Robert Akiyama
[MC] ogiyahagi, Tomonori Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer) 
[serious song singer] Theatrical company one, sun village courage (banana man), Akihiro Tsunoda (Tokyo 03), Teruki Goto (football hour), Tatsuji Akiyama (Robert), stupid rhythm, haraichi 
[judge] Uda circle (RHYMESTER), Osamu Shitara (banana man), Satoshi Iizuka (Tokyo 03), rich Mayor of Honmyou (Tokyo 03), Akira Kawashima (giraffe), Ruriko Kojima

"Inconvenient handyman"
(broadcasting again at 3:20 on the middle of the night of every Wednesday from January 4, 2017)
★We are delivering Episode 1 as of each story delivery / of one week from the midday of every Thursday
Takayuki Suzui first script, supervision drama! Heart full comedy to send at Masaki Okada lead & whole book Hokkaido location. Three men who slipped off on the stage of county town of severe cold develop unpredictable story!
[appearance] Masaki Okada Kosuke Suzuki Kenichi Endo Eiji Moriyama Triendl Reina Hiroyuki Morisaki sakumamio / Yoji Tanaka Takashi Inoe
© "inconvenient handyman" production Committee

~ Gluttony king deciding match - *shokujooshinjidai*nyusen ~"
(April 3, 2016 broadcast)
★Delivery until Monday, January 23
Honor greatest in the gluttony world...*shokujoo. Toward the seat, desperate struggle of beautiful wild beasts begins! Furthermore, Nakamura yuujiga MC voluntary retirement that acted as face of program more than 20 years. Make sure of live broadcast in the last of soul! ▼Exciting game ▼ hard heat "meat juices" decisive battle of 1,820 fried Hypomesus olidus freshly-fried in snowy Mount Fuji! We challenge in famous spot of cherry tree of fried xiaolongbao 20 kilos ▼ Izu! Heaping bowlful of roast beef bowl game ▼ Queen moeazu VS small monster! Hot weather lower rame of fierce pole thickness tuna steak survival ▼ tears to cheeseburger ringside game ▼ final advance extra-large in the Hawaiian sea
[MC] Nakamura yuuji [guest commentary] giant Shirata [the narration] Isao Sasaki

 In addition, one action is delivering docudrama "Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo of Takayuki Yamada" today until Friday, January 6. In addition, we are delivering regular delivery program a lot as usual. For more details, "net look at TV Tokyo campaign site, too".

With "TV Tokyo campaign as for the net"...
 As for "the net, TV Tokyo campaign" is service that can watch program of TV TOKYO after the broadcast free for a certain period of time. Using PC and smartphone, tablet terminal, you can see program that it is from where and applies in Japan.

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