Regular president interview

April 26, 2018

Interview regular in President Komago April

[formation connection]
As for the audience rating of 17 (from April 3, 2017 to April 1, 2018), audience rating (from January 1 to April 1) of Kool underwent a change of GH6.7% (from the year before ± 0p), PT6.2% (- 0.1p) relatively flat all day all day with 2.9% (± 0p) GH6.6% (from the year before +0.1p), PT6.2% (± 0p) in 2.8% (± 0p), January. There was expectation a little more, but it is sincere and is taking concerning result that we nominated all energy for.

As for the audience rating of Kool, GH6.1% (from the year before -0.3p), PT5.7% (-0.4p) become negative tendency at the time of the end after a long absence all day with 2.6% (-0.2p) in (from April 2 to April 22) in the third week in April, but it is various process trying and is thinking that time suffers so that they settle and expects that effect of reorganization will appear little by little from now on.

In the whole 17, it is impression that new program took root in. "Urgent SOS! All the wed large strategy (Sunday 19:54 ...) to pull of pond "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" We feel stouthearted when we can extend constituency for going well including (Saturday 19:54 ...).

As far as "drama 24 loneliness gourmet Season7" (Friday 24:12 ...) receives a great deal of support again in spite of midnight time zone, and, about new program of 18, good turnout that "excellent inference of drama butler Nishizono temple of Friday 8:00" (Friday 20:00 ...) is as good as expected is reliable. In addition, had broadcast once a month; "urgent SOS! As for the all the wed great strategy to skip of pond, there was some uneasiness, too, but audience ratings in the first time (April 22, sun) exceed 9% and are expecting very much.

[business connection]
In March, thyme thinks that we change strongly while +2.7%, spot compared with the previous year are ±0.0%, thyme and the totals of spot, and +1.5% and the whole television are severe. Sales do not greatly increase, too, but feel when they were able to give relatively steady number with thyme, spot.
Because new program, sales of special program were brisk, about time, it was steady. Big spot of touch could achieve sales and share greatest in the each generation in single mon very much in March, and share updated the each generation best at considerable high level in the year.
At the beginning of the year of this year, we told, "we want you to update personal best individually" toward all the employees, but television wants to thank that it was possible for "update by personal best" in the painful situation as organization with thing by support of audiences heartily and wants to keep konope somehow.

[about future special program] 
"World table tennis 2018" finally begins on Sunday, April 29. We cannot help hoping that Japan goes up with man and woman in high rank, but as it is specialty "of" TV TOKYO at the same time as table tennis is specialty "of" Japan, it is ground, BS, one delivery this time and wants to send to audiences as much as possible.

In addition, I send "French Open Tennis Championships tennis 2018" (May 27, sun - June 10, sun holding) this year.
Kei Nishikori is anxious about some injuries, too, but we believe rollback in clay season of pride and push forward preparations in each department. Please expect.

[about Paravi]
We hear that we made a start from delivery start relatively smoothly soon for one month. As we prepared for being conducted a business that is more difficult than broadcast, we think that we are making trial and error in various ways now.
TV TOKYO stimulates across-the-board program "youth High School Class C of the third grade" of the evening by live broadcasting and interlocking movement in Paravi on weekdays, too. It is by little, but constituencies increase and expect these contents when they disguise themselves sometime.
We are going to offer stronger contents with hand with all of investment companies in future. We have various programs, various genres and it is the situation expecting that we progress even little by little in a more keen-edged media while seeing reaction of everybody, but is thinking to be what we suffer from for a given period of time.

Aims future about Q.Paravi
A. (President Komago)
From various people, we have evaluation to be unprecedented platform. Including time, we are thinking that it is stage of trial and error still more you prioritize, and how you put contents into a variety of expectation of audiences. We think while looking at trend of the neighborhood as very big hurdle of charge approaches close to speak how it supplies contents with the investment companies.

Q. About sexual harassment accusation of reporter for TV Asahi. Is there reporter who received sexual harassment in TV TOKYO?
A.(President Komago)
Even if TV TOKYO is any form as the whole group, what's called harassment carries through basic policy that we do not accept. As we drove home to employee what's called our basic way of thinking after the news and asked not only consultation to window of the boss and inside report but also law office outside the company for window when the person concerned who faced such a scene occurred by any chance, such a system told by email once again, too. In addition, we do not hear that there were some kind of reports and consultation at present.

[from BS Japan]
(President BS Japan Ishikawa)
BS Japan added pressure mainly on the cause, drama of thought to "do that others did not do it" and economic news, but started three dramas from April. The Becky lead of Tuesday 20:00 "present age of 21:00 on Saturday drama J "ku no ichininhochohotaruka" on Tuesday drama "serial drama J "woman of rumor" and Sola Aoi lead at 24:00 on Saturday is "drama J "escape flower" at the midnight.
As for both dramas, the lead plans various development on theme called "woman fighting as for the drama of BS Japan" concerning woman, but it is "escape flower" that have the above-mentioned big reaction that ourselves expect in this. About this drama, it feels response not to be engaged well for the moment that it is said to have you know SNS commencing with Twitter as well as newspaper ad by providing information of various forms. In addition, after the Episode 1 closedown, we set the reproduction ranking first place at one time in Tver.
In addition, "escape flower" begins delivery for the first time in Hong Kong, Macao in BS Japan from the broadcast next day. This attaches subtitles and delivers, but we perform such a various attempt and feel that we aim and do not be developed just what for the moment.
"ku no ichininhochohotaruka" is very embarrassing while night game begins; think that is unfolded, but want other stations to succeed in meaning to do thing which there is not, and think that may be smoothly for the moment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q.About band reduction & transponder movement. Influence by broadcasting equipment construction?
A.(President BS Japan Ishikawa)
As there was possibility to fail in reservation recording, we carried out well-known public information thoroughly in cooperation with A-PAB. We established call center in A-PAB and spotted original notice of newspaper ad and BS Japan and it was well-known and acted as notices in programs such as L-shapes in various forms again. We stopped broadcast from 0:00 to 6:00 in the morning of Monday, April 16 and constructed, but, without trouble that we worried about in particular, were able to reopen broadcast smoothly from 6:00. We caused inconvenience "that "cannot watch BS Japan" toward some audiences, and failed in reservation recording", but we have A-PAB plays a key role and cope and gradually leave for convergence.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
BS Japan CEO President Ichiro Ishikawa

TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room, network station charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO managing director programming division, media archive center, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO managing director contents business station, animation station, sports station, Olympics charge Masato Kondo
TV TOKYO Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Naoki Yorozu
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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