Regular president interview

February 22, 2018

Interview regular in President Komago February

[about news of Ren Osugi's death]
(President Komago)
We heard the first report by email, but we could not say at all and were depressed. Well, as you know, we were taken care of by Osugi very much, and, as for "supporting players ... which there was broadcast yesterday, as for doing, excellent supporting role had you appear on ... if uninhabited island lived a life with gong in TV Tokyo morning" everybody. We received report after Part 1 was over when it was Osugi that said at time when you did not hold whether you did Part 2 saying "we want to do in the same staff, the same casts if we did Part 2". We think that there was feeling for this program for Osugi. As it was arrowhead which advanced while even such a meaning had understanding of costars, cooperation in various forms, I was sorry and held impression that there was no help for it.
During this less than one day, very many inquiries and emails called from audiences. As most, myself heard feeling for program of Osugi so that inquiry "what do you do for Episode 4, Episode 5?" and hope to "want you to do it" were surprised, Episode 4, Episode 5 were doing instructions whether they could not continue during yesterday if that it was possible. We entrust formation chief of the bureau what you would finally do, but we consider enough and want to decide from this as we think that there are convenience of other costars and feeling.
As it is to have been really taken care of by Osugi and thinks that production will make program in future while chewing one one word of Osugi well, we think that we continue being still taken care of. We want to wish to express our deepest sympathy.

Q.How long do Episode 4, shooting of Episode 5 advance?
A (Osada formation chief of the bureau)
70%, Episode 5 receive report Episode 4 from around a one-third and the spot. While Episode 4, Episode 5 have the bereaved, costar, understanding of the staff, we want to broadcast somehow and are place entering adjustment led by producer.

<formation connection>
Audience rating of Kool is ordinary approximately in the previous year, and it undergoes a change of GH6.6% (from the year before ± 0p), PT6.1% (-0.1p) at the time of the end all day with 2.9% (± 0p) in (from January 1 to February 18) in the seventh week in January. The year-end and New Year result is good and is pleased for us very much, but we succeed the flow, and Kool almost changes at standard of assumption street in this January, too. Is favorable generally, to "to do what Japan in YOU" (every Monday 18:55 ...) and "urgent SOS! All the wed great strategy to skip of pond "hyakkin! When we use 100 yen goods in ... world? ... (every Tuesday 18:55 ...) "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" It is the situation to change following good passage of last year including (every Saturday 19:54 ...).
In addition, this had achievement of players, too and, about the Olympics, had support in various places of audience. We were able to record audience rating of the two columns level by broadcast (2/12, mon celebration from 21:30 to 23:10) of "pyonchanorimpikku 2018 speed skating women's 1500 meters".

[business connection]
+4.1%, spot compared with the previous year are +3.8%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in January, thyme rises with +4.0%. It is 17 total, but -2.4%, spot compared with the previous year are +0.3%, thyme and the totals of spot, and there are -1.4% and slightly severe environment compared with the previous year, but thyme can approximately maintain budget street, high level of sideways movement compared with the previous year. Sales almost come to according to budget, but they add to thyme fighting hard in the background and think that sales of spot may change than assumption basically. In the case of TV TOKYO, dependence to spot changes low all the time in comparison with other stations, but we add pressure on this part a little more and are thinking that it is relatively said as the year if we go up as the results and may be finished by results.

[about future special program]
"Table tennis team World Cup 2018" is held in London of the U.K. for from Thursday, February 22 to Sunday, February 25 and sends in TV TOKYO and BS Japan. In GH zone first by ground wave this time is broadcasted. It is participated as girl Kasumi Ishikawa and Mima Ito, Miu Hirano, Hayata young bird, and boy participates in Tomokazu Harimoto of expectation. Please expect.
[about April formation]
We start "... Walking through Modern History ... walking contemporary history of Ikegami world Akira Ikegami of Golden on Sunday" on Sunday, April 8 as new program. Title itself called "walking this" contemporary history is that Ikegami was always prayed for, and Ikegami has you appear on TV TOKYO in various form until now, but it is in program having you go through "" kotode location to walk literally this time. We have Ikegami walk hot places of the world and have you comment and think that it is in new discovered program by yourself. It is one of the programs which TV TOKYO lays emphasis on by formation most in April, and conventional "Ikegami world" expects that it is to thing which evolved more.

In addition, in this year, the 30th anniversary, "MORNING SATELLITE NEWS" have anniversary and the 20th anniversary coming at the same time from program start "world business satellite". We catch this plane and want to largely strengthen these two news programs. We expect that it is in program sending viewpoint that sends information fresh at night in the morning to while adopting new invention, new imaging technique in various forms or is new at all to. We start simultaneous broadcast in April in BS Japan about "WBS" and become broadcast from 23:00 same as TV TOKYO. We solve problem of national cover rate which was our weak point and may cross the long-cherished system to be able to look at place that we do not cover at the same time in BS Japan. Even this aspect wants to upgrade one.

Q: Put program which is some hardliners of Ikegami while GH zone, NTV resist Sunday, aiming?
A: (President Komago)
Way of presentation that can say, "is accident" even if audiences who Ikegami determines economy, security, the situation of Europe, and are not shown as stiff story does not study is done; think that is professional. That is obstinate in this sense; think that is entertainment of news more. We think that probably it becomes program to be only Ikegami that this is made. Program which Ikegami talks about in studio is attractive, but it is gone out for coverage that Ikegami really loves and would appreciate your taking as program of new genre to run through the world. As there is strong wall such as bedrock in this time, we take thing new at all if you can have impression that TV TOKYO began with Ikegami to audiences so that it is said that with that alone aiming achieved more than half.

[event connection]
We hold Matazo Kayama art exhibition "Re matazo MATAZO KAYAMA" in EBis303 event hall for from Wednesday, April 11 to May 5 (sat, celebration). Please expect.

[BS Japan] 
Not only BS Japan, each BS station is beating its brains in various ways now, but it is listener, and Akira Ikegami sends "5 night continuation BIG talks of BS commercial broadcasting five stations special plan Akira Ikegami" that consecutive at night, five stations broadcast in turn 5 as BS commercial broadcasting five stations special plan from March 18 in this March.
Is BS Japan, "did Akira Ikegami X Beat Takeshi - TV die? We broadcast ... from 20:00 on Wednesday (holiday) on March 21. Please fully discuss with Akira Ikegami whether "TV died to Beat Takeshi on theme". In addition, we would appreciate your looking forward to by all means as I hear that manifestoes from different viewpoints to side that charm, we broadcast of TV were splashed. Place where the BS5 station of commercial broadcasting scrummages in such a form scrummages and is thinking that you should be able to work hard to give value as the media.

In addition, BS Japan changes its name from "BS Japan" to "BS nyapan" today, and the president's office is occupied by "cat", too. On February 22, "2" forms a line three today and campaigns "mew in thing mew mew" "day of cat" and is that all in cat including news program all day do. We intend to raise value of BS while even such a form exerts its wits.

By new program from April, we start from historical drama "ku no ichininhochohotaruka". I made historical drama in BS Japan from the president era, and historical dramas increased very much. As Becky starring is enthusiastic by considerably drastic approach very much this time as BS Japan and plays, we would appreciate your looking forward to.

In addition, we enter the last examination work as "WBS" comes in news program "Nikkei +10" just after from April in order to largely strengthen contents, and to meet expectation of audience. We would appreciate your expecting this.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room, network station charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO managing director programming division, media archive center, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Takamichi Suzuki
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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