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October 26, 2017

Interview regular in small President Son October

[interview regular in small President Son October]
<formation connection>
GH6 .6% (from the year before +0.2p), PT6 .2% (+0.1p) are upswing basic tones slightly from the last year all day with 2.8% (± 0p) and GH, PT, and audience rating of 17 (from April 3 to October 22) is cheered up very much. Kool still just began in October, too, but feels GH6 .6% (from the year before +0.4p), PT6 .2% (+0.4p) at the time of the third week end in (from October 2 to October 22) when it begins to be evaluated three branches (GH, PT all day) in meaning that it is to make a start and is various more than the last year with 2.8% (+0.1p) little by little together all day.
Audience rating of TV TOKYO is a few, but, about continuing rising, recognizes that we have various support of all of you, cooperation, evaluation.

Factor that has evaluation to "any YOU to do Japan" of regular program (every Monday 18:55 ...) "there is house, and is good?" It is to make a move that it is firm "Sunday big variety" (every Sunday 19:54 ...) (every Wednesday 21:00 ...) again. In addition, "urgent SOS! "And I are often asked about when you do" next, and it is in topic and appreciates all the wed great strategies to skip of pond very much.

In addition, "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" (every Saturday 19:54 ...) "the world! Person cheering party (every Monday 20:00 ...) which wants to go to Japan makes a good start with 8.0% with special in the frame shift first time of Monday, October 23 and, in meaning whether you settled in as program little by little, is glad of this very much, too.

"hyakkin!" which put important point in making vertical passage of each day better in particular about Kool in October, but, for example, started on Tuesday, October 24 But, with first special (from 18:55 to 20:54) 7.6% (except the 18:00 level), we can make a fairly good start and are thinking that this is very reliable.

In addition, "good morning, "general election live of Akira Ikegami" (10/22 Sunday from 19:50 to 23:48) and one week-limited morning live broadcasting do not get off with Takeshi." There was (Monday, October 2 - 10/6 Friday from 7:30 to 8:00) and was autumn when, thank you, topic was abundant in various ways. We recognize that audience rating continues rising altogether in this sense.

We can provide "with various" mind to by making program carefully seriously without relaxing and are thinking in future that evaluation should go up.

<business connection>
In September, thyme thinks that -0.9%, spot compared with the previous year are -0.2%, thyme and the totals of spot, and I was able to tell that some in -0.6% and the last year and meaning that was able to approximately evade sideways movement, that we are greatly depressed. -4.5%, spot compared with the previous year were -0.3%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, for 17 total, thyme was -3.0%. There are the summer Olympics, and a few sales are subtracted as it is sales, comparison with year when we increased with expense, but think that spot considerably fought hard last year. We think that result open tenaciously appeared without being now glad now sad at.

<about future special program>
Think that had big pillar called Takeshi and Akira Ikegami pick up on ascending current of air well in October, but, about Akira Ikegami, is big variety frame on Sunday for 10/29( sun) from 19:54 to 21:54; if "know district in now, know Japan! We broadcast local back circumstances 4 of Akira Ikegami. Akira Ikegami thoroughly comments on local news and is the fourth of program that talent reports on bodily crash. Ikegami comments on back circumstances of local "news to be worried" about clearly and can know the fact of present Japan seen from there and thinks that there may be new discovery.

</ formation is related from BS Japan>
In BS Japan, we started "Shotaro Ikenami historical drama light and shadow" at 20:00 on Tuesday. This has favorable reception after broadcast start and has high seeing and hearing data every week.

About historical drama of one of BS Japan became classic, and "soul of Shugoro Yamamoto historical drama samurai" of broadcast Episode 1 "general neck" acquired excellence Prize in commercial broadcasting ream TV drama section this year on April 4, this year. This becomes two years consecutive splendid achievements following "Shugoro Yamamoto human empathy historical drama" of last year Episode 12 "meoto butterfly". This does not cut corners sequentially and thinks that we want to see product hard.
One more of Saturday 21:00 is "serial drama J Jiro Asada "Prison hotel". We made "full-scale modern drama frame" for the first time in Golden Zone and, in BS Japan, started serial drama. As we challenged ahead of the other BS station not being open, we think that you can look forward to.

Q: Lower House election voting and counting the ballots were in 22 days, but impression about this election news whole.
A: (small President Son)
Or, in the middle stage, there are the latter half and various topics, events in the first half and thinks that it was lively at all about election results, but the electoral campaign thinks that we were able to broadcast our election news itself very calmly. Of course power of Ikegami is big, but thinks that we staff was able to include various ideas in tandem with Ikegami again. As audience rating had very good result, we recognize this with successful program.

Q: The name of elected candidate is read aloud behind, and, in this "general election live of Akira Ikegami," hear at the time of interview to Prime Minister Abe very much; tori rizurakattarinadogaatta. There was scene where Ikegami protested the matter to Chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council Kishida.
A: (small President Son)
It thinks that it was good point that rather you should point out to point out thing called "slightly different from" rule as person of coverage, journalist that Ikegami said to Kishida in program in that way. In addition, we think that Ikegami would have us who produce with "which should do" indication show.

Q: "Good morning, we do not get off with Takeshi." But, evaluation about program this including having become topic, but Takeshi having been absent from program on 1st.
A: As that Takeshi appears in morning and it is said that it is such theme and contents thought that it is challenge for Takeshi, we are very glad and think will of Takeshi that it is said to challenge to have done in such a program.
As I do not know that Takeshi took a rest except that Takeshi oneself says, we have no way of commenting at all. In addition, we have expectation in having you do new program of different form again if there is opportunity.

<animation contents business connection>
"Outrage most last chapter" of investment movie (October 7 exhibition) made a good start. In public 16 days until first Sunday, October 22 to get the first place in shumatsukyoshu ranking on the weekend (October 8 .9 days) (351 million yen), we exceed mobilization 880,000, kyoshu 1,200 million yen and anticipate box office of the "outrage" series best.

In addition, drama "hagoku" of TV TOKYO which had you appear to Takeshi in international TV program Exhibition "MIPCOM" of world's largest scale held in Cannes, France until from 16 to 19 on October (April 12, wed from 21:00 to 23:18 broadcast) won the grand prix of "MIPCOM BUYERS' AWARD for Japanese Drama". This is nice very gratefully, too.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room, network station charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO managing director programming division, media archive center, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Nagata

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Kodo Suzuki
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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