Regular president interview

May 25, 2017

Interview regular in 髙kyoshacho May

<about new system>
We announced about new system after June 27 of plan elected by resolution of the seventh ordinary general meeting of stockholders of TV TOKYO Holdings (following TXHD) the other day.
I become Chairman of TXHD and TV TOKYO, and Shigeru Komago (existing TV TOKYO executive vice-president) takes office as CEO President of both companies.

Look back on <president holding the office four years;>
It has been physically hot, but feels at new time to think that a lot of parts well worked myself for one year from appointment original half a year when we ran for four years. As we think that manager is a certain cycle and should be renewed, we think whether it is in the good tidal hour.
Acquaintance with small grandchild new president of successor is dozens of years and understands well each other. Power to constitute power, it which collect his material, and to make story is considerably superior. We are convinced that he/she does it well.

Q: Following the new system, please tell new business announced on Tuesday, May 23, aim of "premium platform Japan" (following PPJ).

A: We work on giving contents in delivery including foreign countries for these past three years positively and think that it is one of the companies feeling future of delivery business. From now on "the times when make delivery market." The times when platform with a variety of individuality competes fiercely come over. When it thinks about our physical strength, it does not match stature to deal all in one company. Therefore we could conduct a business of platform with individuality if with Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. of the most major shareholder and judged when there was audience whom he/she chose. We think that individuality of platform and new technical combination, ability for procurement of contents are high by crossing in six companies. Because Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. and we enter, platform of delivery increases new keyword of "economy" that there was not until now. We hope that you can pay attention to people that you did not pay more attention to other platforms so far.

Q: Meaning to make with TBS and WOWOW in new company?

A: We judged two companies where had high ability for production of drama in collecting a variety of contents, and producing when it was said, and it was to partner. We match various power and want to build platform with individuality.

Q: What kind of strength is assumed to be able to show for TV TOKYO in PPJ?

A: One is that we participate in the inside making original contents. In addition, there are midnight broadcast, economic program in head with the past work. We think that we can show our strength with pro-economy thing in cooperation with Nikkei while we make new thing. It has just begun what kind of contents you bring up how in PPJ.

<formation connection>
As for Kool, as for the audience rating, it is 2.7% (± 0p) and last year and about the same audience rating at the time of the end all day GH6.3% (from the year before ± 0p), PT5.9% (-0.1p) on (... May 21) in the seventh week in April.

By new program, started in April; "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" We feel that we are brought up well as for (Saturday from 19:54 to 20:54). In addition, there is morning economic news program "MORNING SATELLITE NEWS" which we extended broadcast time to from April (from Monday to Friday from 5:45 to 7:05) in upward trend numerically. It is news of field that is niche, but thinks that it becomes strong contents.

Future special program, "TV Tokyo sports festival" finally begins with the start of "French Open Tennis Championships tennis" on Sunday, May 28 (we hold in France Paris) as a start.
We carry out delivery as the first attempt by "world table tennis" this year on TV TOKYO HP at the broadcast same time. We think that it is good opportunity to try where delivery is possible at the same time to of sports.
Besides, game picture and digest picture led by live streaming and representative from Japan of game that representative from Japan and attention who did not enter broadcast frame participate in perform archive delivery such as player interviews after game again.
Furthermore, Pikachu takes office as supporter of "TV Tokyo sports festival" and carries out plan that can apply for present when we support with Pikachu in program by data broadcasting.
In addition, in start special program to broadcast from 16:00 on Sunday, May 28, we carry out "saa championship" to compete for loud voice by regular program opposition. Please enjoy such a heaping up plan.

In addition, we send "TV Tokyo music festival 2017" to become the fourth in this year by live broadcasting for from 18:25 to 22:48 on Wednesday, June 28. In MC, we ask Taichi Kokubun consecutively four times. Theme of this year "want to sing unintentionally! As for the strongest hit song 100 barrage is.

<business connection>
On May 18, we announced financial statements of March, 2017 period of TXHD. As for the sales amount, +4.7% of 142,679 million yen, operating income compared with the previous year became increased income fall in profits for -12.1% of 6,394 million yen compared with the previous year. It was factor of increased income that spot income of TV TOKYO throbbed most in the past and that rights income changed smoothly, but fell in profits by increase of expense accompanied with the new head office and master facilities move.
It increased by 2.5% than the last year when it merged thyme, spot in April. Thyme 4.1% increase, spot 0.3% increased by. We do not know whether from April to June can go with this condition all the time, but think that it does not greatly collapse.

≪Person of interview≫
TV TOKYO CEO President Yuichi Takahashi
TV TOKYO managing director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO board member programming division, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Hiroyuki Itasaka
TV TOKYO public information manager Hibino estrade

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