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April 27, 2017

Interview regular in 髙kyoshacho April

<formation connection>
(Yuichi Takahashi president)
We explain Kool in 16 and April, 17.

Audience rating of 16 GH6.5% (-0.2p compared with the previous fiscal year), PT6.2% (-0.3p) all day of 2.8% (-0.2p) it followed. We have a hard fight in the first half and think that it is result that we were not able to catch up with in the latter half.

The new year started, and three weeks passed. 2.8% (± 0p) and the number top are about the same, but, as for the audience rating, they feel response to the future all day GH6.4%(-0.1p), PT6.1%(-0.1p) with 16.

We recorded 7.3% where average was the highest ever in the year of "THE karaoke ☆ battle" that we brought up for three years. In addition, "the world! Person cheering party which wants to go to Japan is the broadcast launch first year, to "to do what Japan in YOU" Thereafter we record 7% of mean audience ratings in the year to be. In this way, we think that there is pattern to bring up new program slowly and carefully now. Current problem is Saturday and Sunday. New program on Saturday "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" This became 6.6% of starts twice on the average. It is incident trip that Degawa running around in the Japanese inside on electric motorcycle causes, but feels response than number.

In addition, "future century Zipangu" was special, and, by regular program, it marked 9.2% that became the each generation best since program start for three hours on April 10. We think that it is result supported by audiences to have taken up plain commentary of Akira Ikegami and timely news.

We tell about future special program successively. "World table tennis 2017" and "French Open Tennis Championships tennis" are held this year at about the same time in late May. Therefore we turn this period outside office titled "TV Tokyo sports feast day" and we develop various PR and heap up. "World table tennis 2017" of this year is year of personal war. We hope that we win and advance to the next around of with man and woman. In addition, following live streaming of "opening of last week in Korea", we are examining delivery of "world table tennis 2017".

In addition, we broadcast special of "Complicated SUMMERS 2" of the tenth anniversary for from 18:30 to 21:54 on April 30. We have two people of SUMMERS do motivation highly from the late-night 25:00 level the beginning and think that we are continued in this way and think that we were able to build new genre. Successive assistants (Oe, Kano) appear on program, too.

Q.We make late-night drama with partners such as Netflix or Amazon. With the way of future late-night drama.

A.(Yuichi Takahashi president)
Wanting to do it of limitation there is needs that want to do while there is few, and think that there may be drama late-night as place that can provide new individuality. We hear that Yamada (Takayuki) feels considerable worth doing. It thinks that it is one way of frame in the middle of the night to pair with delivery company as good circulating method that interesting program is possible.

<business connection>
(Yuichi Takahashi president)
As silent period of financial statements for 16 begins, we easily explain in the business situation of March. As for the time of March, -3.7%, spot compared with the previous year became -0.8% with +3.3%, the thyme spot total. It is +0.8% compared with the previous year with the total of thyme spot when we see for total in 16.

Local section was in good condition, but was not able to supplement base down of net section with thyme of March among regular programs.

Spot of March was not able to greatly exceed the last year, but was 103.3% from the year before.

(Yuichi Takahashi president)
We cooperate with E commerce company "SEAGOOR (sea goal) company" with the head office in Hangzhou City of China, and TV TOKYO direct of TV TOKYO and Group Companies starts E commerce business in shopping mall which SEAGOOR company owns in Hangzhou City. Because we make two shops, and recognition of animation character rises as for the TV TOKYO in China, display sells animation-related product. Vary while seeing reaction as antenna shop; is thinking that can unfold. We display Japanese product to sell by mail order of good quality and sell TV TOKYO direct.

Q. There was announcement that was taken part in capital investment on April 3 by JOCDN, but the aim and future development.
A.(Yuichi Takahashi president)
Scale of delivery platform ("TV TOKYO business on-demand," "older brother is embarrassed") going in-house is still big, and there is no TV TOKYO. Therefore, there is not much quantity of communication of video, but is thinking that you must enlarge this field as business in future. However, you must lower cost swelling out as quantity of communication increases. You must less reduce various risks in peak. We thought that it would be useful that we participated in from such a general judgment by oneself. The CDN is important part which just delivers electronic intelligence of delivery service and is not platform. TV TOKYO associates with various platforms, but is different story which CDN they use. We are only thinking that it is for influential means having one JOCDN when we use direct CDN in oneself.

≪Person of interview≫
TV TOKYO CEO President Yuichi Takahashi
TV TOKYO managing director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO board member programming division, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Hiroyuki Itasaka
TV TOKYO public information manager Hibino estrade

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